Baby Girl Woulfe’s Room

Welcome to our blog! Baby Girl is scheduled to arrive sometime around November 5, 2013. We cannot wait to meet our daughter! We’d like to use this blog to update our family and friends as the new arrival approaches and for ourselves to post pictures as she grows. Thank you for stopping by!

We recently started working on the nursery. It will be girly, but I tried to stay away from having too much pink everywhere in case we want to sell our house in a few years. After purchasing 8-10 paint samples, we finally went with a very soothing green color, not too dark and not to close in color to the institutional green that the room was already painted.

BWou's Room 002

Grandma Sette came up to help paint today – thanks Grandma!

BWou's Room 001

BWou's Room 009


BWou's Room 004


Ta-da! Hard to see with the lighting but it looks great!

BWou's Room 015

A few weeks ago Grandpa Woulfe came to help Erik/daddy remove our “door to nowhere” in the nursery. We had a door that used to lead to a closet but had been walled off when the master bedroom was extended. It was quite the eyesore and took up precious wall space. A few months ago, Grandpa also taught Erik how to build this awesome closet. Our 100 year old home came loaded with a total of 1 closet. This room was big enough to accommodate a custom built-in. Thanks Grandpa Woulfe!!! That door will be painted or stained before Baby Woulfe makes an appearance and Erik is painting the trim right now.

BWou's Room 003

Here’s a shot of the handy Father-to-Be touching things up.

BWou's Room 014


Still quite a few things to do with the nursery. More to come in a few weeks when it is done!


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