BWou’s Room – Update

“BWou” = Baby Woulfe

My father-in-law reminded us that we have been poor with the blog updates and he has been waiting for updated nursery pictures. I’ve been meaning to post the updates, so here you go! We’ve done about as much as we can for now until we have a bit more furniture and can decide where to hang the artwork.

Here’s the crib – all set up! It still blows my mind that we have a crib. I can’t stop looking at it and imaging the little lassie all snuggly and sleeping. Don’t freak out – those pillows will not be in the crib when she is. Those are for the glider rocker. I love how girly the ruffled crib skirt is.

Room Pics 006


Here is some of the artwork that we have. I fell in love with those prints on Etsy. The shop has some of the cutest stuff.

Room Pics 002


The curtains match the crib skirt and they are black-out which is nice for bright days. They look a little funny right now but I fixed them after Erik took the picture. I am also digging the yellow hold-backs which were also found on Etsy.


Room Pics 004


I love some of the modern elements, but I also love antique pieces. This was my bureau for the past several years. My mom was kind enough to give it to me. It also has a beautiful mirror that attaches to the top, but I removed it for now because I would like to have it restored and wanted more room to use the bureau as a changing table as well. We will hang that mirror so that BWou can make faces at herself while being changed along with some of the artwork.


Room Pics 005


And a final shot of the room – Erik wanted the shot from the perspective of a wee person. I love how the white crib looks with the wood of the changing table/dresser.

Room Pics 009

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