On the day you were born

Dear Isla,

October 30,2013 was one of the happiest days of our life. We finally met you for the first time and now we can’t imagine life without you. How did you steal our hearts so quickly?

Isla Arrives 214

The day started out gray and rainy. After 4:30 am, mommy had a hard time sleeping. I was a bit anxious about how the day would go. Finally at 7, I got out of bed and took an hour to quietly relax and think about you. We did not have to leave the house until 10 and did some last minute things around the house to pack our hospital bags and prepare for you to come home. The whole days seems surreal and dreamlike as I write about it. Daddy also took some final pregnancy pictures. Our last pictures with you in my belly! I could not wrap my head around the fact that in a few hours you would no longer be in there. I savored these last few moments of carrying you.

Isla Arrives 032Isla Arrives 052Isla Arrives 066

We arrived at Mass General Hospital at 10:45, right on time, and went up to the labor and delivery floor on Blake 14. Grandma and Poppi (Sette) were in the waiting room. We gave Poppi a final hug before heading into the labor and delivery unit for pre-op. Grandma was able to spend this time before the c-section with us. It was a good thing that Grandma was here because it was a busy day with a lot of babies being born and we would have gone nuts without her to distract us! There were not any beds for us so we had to wait 2 hours for a bed to become available. We watched a lot of women in labor come in and get seen before us and heard a few babies being born. I was afraid that they would send us home and tell us to come back the next day. Finally we were brought to the bed which was in triage to be prepared for your arrival.

It started to feel real when I was changing into my hospital gown. A nurse came in and explained what was going to happen. Then she started my IV. An OB came in to do a final ultrasound and confirmed that you were still breech. We got to watch your hiccups on the ultrasound screen! So funny. She also explained the c-section procedure. Next, Scott, the anesthesiologist, came in to explain the spinal block and asked me to sign consent forms. Finally, the nurse gave me some gross sour stuff to drink to neutralize stomach acid and told daddy to get his paper scrubs on.

The nurse walked me down to the operating room at 2:15. It was so cold in there! Daddy couldn’t come in until everything was prepared. I sat on the operating bed to get my spinal block. Needles don’t bother me, so I was not nervous about that. While the anesthesiologist was putting in the block, there was a buzz of activity around preparing the room. There were so many people in there! The spinal block didn’t hurt much. I just remember feeling an incredible amount of pressure a few times. The nurse talked me through each step. Next, I laid down and drapes came up, vital sign monitors were attached and a whole lot of other things happened that are a bit fuzzy. I was fairly relaxed but my nerves were definitely mounting and I was shaking from the medicine and the cold room. Someone put some warm blankets on my arms which helped. The anesthesiologists ran some tests to make sure that the block was working.

Daddy was finally allowed in the room. He came and sat by my head and held my hand. We were minutes away from meeting you! Daddy asked how long they had been operating and I said “they started?” I had no idea things were happening already because I couldn’t feel a thing and no one told me that they were starting. The nurse had asked if we wanted a clear drape so that we could see you being born. When that time came, they dropped the blue drape so we could see you. I was laying down and was so frustrated that I couldn’t see much, but I did hear the sweetest sound ever – your adorable first cries. Nothing puts a mommy at ease like those first cries.

Daddy went right over to the warmer to check you out. I just kept listening to those cries and had a good cry myself. I asked daddy how you were doing and he told me you were adorable. After all the months of doctors worrying us about your health, you ended up being just perfect.

Isla Arrives 108Isla Arrives 197Isla Arrives 130 Isla Arrives 121

After checking your weight, height and apgars (6 pounds, 11 ounces, 18 inches long and 9/10, 9/10), the nurse brought you over to me. We could not really do skin to skin contact because mommy is a bit short and you could not fit on my chest. You did briefly suck my cheek though! I was still frustrated that I couldn’t get a good look at you since I was laying down.

Isla Arrives 150 Isla Arrives 175

Thankfully the rest of the c-section was very quick. You just hung out under the warmer and waited to meet your mommy while your daddy bounced back and forth to report how adorable you are. Daddy was also able to hold you for a little while.

Isla Arrives 211 Isla Arrives 190 Isla Arrives 182 Isla Arrives 179 Isla Arrives 177

When I was being wheeled out of the operating room, you were finally placed in my arms and I have not stopped looking at you since! I am just completely in awe of you.

We went back to triage and spent an hour just the three of us. Daddy texted our parents who were in the waiting room to let them know that you were here and to finally reveal your name! Isla Mary Woulfe. He forgot to include the phonetic pronunciation so they had to look up how to say your name. We apologize in advance – you will spend your entire life correcting people on the spelling and pronunciation of your name. Isla is Scottish. It reminds uso f our very fun trip to Scotland back in April 2012.

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We had to wait a bit more to get a bed on the postpartum floor. We were allowed 2 visitors while we waited so daddy went to get your grandmas to come meet you. The poor grandpas had to wait a few more hours. Right before the first pitch of the World Series we were wheeled into our room – 1332 in the Ellison building. We had to share a room that first night but the grandparents were able to stick around for a bit and spend time holding you. Then the three of us watched the Red Sox win the World Series! So you were born on a day that was not just historic for us, but for the city you were born in. It was the first time the Red Sox won a World Series at home. What a nice way to end a perfect day.

Isla Arrives 243

Here are some other photos that daddy took during your first day. How tiny you are!

Isla Arrives 021 Isla Arrives 018 Isla Arrives 012 Isla Arrives 009 Isla Arrives 008 Isla Arrives 002 Isla Arrives 001


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  1. I loved reading your latest posts, especially this one. What a lovely memorial of the day Isla was born. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 xxx

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