Reflux and a cold?


You can’t tell, but that cute little face is covered in boogers. I’ve been slacking with a post because Erik went back to work and I have been taking care of the little munchkin’s illness.

It all started early in the week when we gave her vitamin D drops. She started spitting up, wheezing and having a hard time swallowing when laying down. It progressively got worse and was at it’s worst on Wednesday night. After the doctor’s 24 hour answering service was not getting back to me in the middle of the night, we almost took Isla to the ER. Pedi NP, Grandma Mary, came to the rescue at 5 am. We finally heard from the doctor and got an appointment Thursday morning. The doctor immediately said it was reflux and told us how to treat the symptoms.

The reflux improved as the day went on and we stopped the vitamin D so we definitely think that was linked. There is apparently citric acid in the vitamin D drops we used that may be the culprit. We had a great night Thursday and all for some sleep. Isla was still congested though.

Friday she went on a hunger strike for a bit but then ate well all night. Just trying to make her mom a bit more nervous! The poor thing definitely has a cold now. I’m bit sure if this was related to the reflux or if it wasn’t reflux at all and instead something like post nasal drip causing the breathing and swallowing trouble. Isla is not fussing despite her congestion. I can’t believe how hard it is to see your kid sick and struggling. I was a wreck.

Thank goodness she never had a fever or we would’ve had to go to the hospital for a spinal tap and full work-up. I know I will be a bit crazier about germs though. It is tough having a newborn during flu season. Sorry, but if you have even a sniffle, please don’t visit until you are well!

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  1. Oh no! So sorry to read all of this šŸ™ I’m sure you have been very stressed and worried about this, and hoping the little munchkin is on her way to full recovery. Don’t be scared to put a big notice on your front door telling those with germs to stay away! I’m a germaphobe at the best of times, so if someone even sneezes near me they get a death stare šŸ˜‰ haha. Thinking of you xxx

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