Pre T-Day plus a few extras

Isla was awake for longer periods this week! She has always seemed so alert, but she definitely started tracking our faces and some toys this week. I can’t believe how much she is changing! We are doing our best to soak in all of these sleepy newborn days.Pre T Day 003

Pre T Day 023 Pre T Day 025

Looking adorable in her kitten hooded towel.

Pre T Day 033 Pre T Day 036 Pre T Day 038


Snoozing on mommy. In a milk coma.

Pre T Day 043Pre T Day 046

Doing her best not to burp for daddy.

Pre T Day 057 Pre T Day 059

Looking very relaxed.

Pre T Day 060


Every year our friends Jason and Gill host a pre-Thanksgiving for our group. This year was the 11th annual “Pre T-Day.” The tradition dates back to their Northeastern days. We were so excited to take Isla to her first party! (Mommy was also excited to get out of the house for a few hours!) Last year there were no babies, this year there were 2 in attendance and 2 other who could not make it. I wonder how many there will be next year?!? Right now Isla is the only girl!

We dressed her up in a new outfit from Lindsay.

Pre T Day 062 Pre T Day 065

Pre T Day 071 Pre T Day 076 Pre T Day 081 Pre T Day 082 Pre T Day 089 Pre T Day 094

Here are some photos from the party.

Pre T Day 115  Jason and Isla. Jason will be a daddy in April to a baby boy!

All dressed up with her daddy.

Pre T Day 118 Pre T Day 121

Baby bumps! Gill is due with a boy in April and we learned that Kate is also expecting in May!

Pre T Day 124

Isla and Deana.

Pre T Day 129

The crew in Jason and Gill’s new house.

Pre T Day 135

Isla is looking ridiculously tiny and cute on the couch.

Pre T Day 143

Pre T Day 144


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