5 Weeks Old!

Isla had her one month checkup yesterday. She weighs a whopping 9 lbs! I was shocked. That raised her from the 20th to the 51st percentile for weight. We like average! She is also 20.25 inches long up from 18 inches at birth.


Since she is gaining weight and nursing is going well, I can let her sleep for longer before I wake her up for feeding. Last night she slept 5.5 hours before I woke her followed by another 3.5 hours before I woke her again at 8:30. It was glorious to sleep such a long chunk. Previously I had not slept more than 3.5 hours at once. I felt so refreshed at 4:30 am that I could’ve gotten up. Thankfully Isla and I both went back to sleep.

Now that Isla had grown so much I can finally try our cloth diapers. The all-in-ones are still too big but I have at least 10 pocket diapers I can use to ease into things. I’ll partial cloth diaper for now. They are bulkier than regular diapers and only fit with side id Isla’s tiny clothes. They will be great for at night though!

How cute is she in her diaper? (We love that little mullet too!)


Today Isla and I also went for our first non doctor appointment solo outing to do some Christmas shopping. As usual she napped through the whole thing!


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