Week 5 Photos

We have been busy lately between doctor appointments and holiday parties and preparation! Here are some photos from the last week.

We decorated Isla’s first Christmas tree! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do one because our house is small and it is taken up by all the baby gear, but we made it work and I’m glad we did. Isla and I really get to enjoy the tree since we are home most of the time.

Xmas Tree 025 Xmas Tree 035 Xmas Tree 041

The cats are also enjoying the tree. Finally they are old enough that they don’t feel the need to eat the pine needles.

Xmas Tree 063

Xmas Tree 085

Xmas Tree 094

Xmas Tree 098

We celebrated Uncle Dana’s birthday this past weekend:

Xmas Tree 112

Here is a picture of Grammie with her two granddaughters!

Xmas Tree 126


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  1. Thank you Erik and Alyssa for taking lots of pictures and sharing them with us..it makes Uncle Don and I so happy to be able to see her cute little face and know she’s doing well…xoxo

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