Santa is my BFF

Almost Christmas 005
Very picky with her friends!

Bring on the jolly fat man in the red suit! Isla is clearly looking to curry his favor with her outfit choices in the past few days. Can’t say that I blame her – she just looks so darned fashionable! She’s been breaking out the hat wherever we go:

Almost Christmas 062
“Dude, we’re indoors. I’m skeptical of my need for this extra layering.”

Of course, it’s tough to keep up with all the holiday fashion trends – sometimes you need a nap to recharge your batteries.

Almost Christmas 014
Dancing sugarplums, no doubt

But never asleep for too long! Gotta keep a sharp watch in case Santa arrives early.

Almost Christmas 002

“Maybe after the New Year they’ll stop dressing me in weird outfits?”

We had two separate snow storms in the past week, so the winter wonderland outside our windows has helped to instill us all with the Holiday Spirit. Isla has been enjoying the Christmas tree some more – lots of fun lights to elicit the Oohs and Aahs.

Almost Christmas 031
Mommy is camouflaged!

We were also treated to an early Christmas present in the form of a visit from Auntie Hannah! She’s home from Missouri for a bit to celebrate the holidays and Isla was very excited to meet her.

Almost Christmas 074

Isla also had a nice chance to hang out with her cousin Parker and Uncle Dana, and Uncle Patrick as well! It was a good opportunity to show off her big smile. Just a few more days until the big man slides down the chimney – can’t wait!

Almost Christmas 077
Future BFFs – move over Santa!
"Why is your face upside-down?"
“Why is your face upside-down?”



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