Isla’s First Christmas

Christmas 014

Christmas for us usually kicks off with a Christmas Eve gathering with the DeRoche side of the family in Wrentham or Glocester. This year we went to my Auntie Nancy’s gorgeous house in Wrentham. My mom’s side of the family is on the large side. There were 24 of us in attendance this year! It is usually a bit chaotic but in the best way possible. I love catching up with my aunts, uncles and cousins that I don’t get to see nearly as much as I would like to.

Isla had met my grandparents and a few aunts, but she had a lot of new people to meet this year and was definitely in the center of attention! I always find Christmas Eve so exciting and magical, but this year was even better with our daughter there. I found myself picturing future Christmases when she will be running around with excitement like my nephews were this year!

Christmas 022
Isla with Auntie Hannah
Christmas 024
“Sisters. Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters.”

Christmas 028

Christmas 032
The Sette Ladies
Christmas 036
4 Generations – Great Grandma, Grandma, Mommy, & Isla

Christmas 037

Christmas 038
Admiring handsome uncle Matt

Christmas 041

Christmas 042

Christmas 045

Christmas 049
The Purdue Children – Joseph, Madeleine, & William (with Chloe)

Christmas 052

Christmas 061

Sam, Ben and Brennan
Christmas 062
Brady and Maddy join the cousin fun!

Christmas 063

Christmas 072
The best early Christmas gift ever!
Christmas 074
Quiet moment with Daddy
Christmas 084
Christmas 087
Goofy Uncle Matt

Christmas 091

Staring at Great-Grandfather
Christmas 094
Spending some time with Poppi
Christmas 104
Taking a nap on Great “Auntie Shell”

Christmas 110

Christmas 115
With Great Auntie Nancy – our lovely Christmas Eve hostess!

After all the festivities, we headed to Grandma and Poppi’s to get some sleep and await Santa’s arrival. On Christmas morning we were up bright and early to head to the Grammie and Grandpa Woulfe’s!

Christmas 120

We arrived at Grammie and Grandpa’s and cousin Parker was still sleeping so we spent some time in the living room by the cozy wood stove as we waited for her to wake up. We also enjoyed some of Grammie’s tasty homemade orange and cinnamon rolls.

Christmas 121
Snoozing on Auntie Elle. Shep was also in a snuggly mood. Or he was jealous and in need of attention.

Once Parker was up we went to the solarium to exchange gifts. Last year Parker hung out in her bouncy seat. It was so fun to watch her excitement this year! Isla will be right there with her next year. I think Santa was very good to both Isla and Parker!

Christmas 129
Check out that sweet bike!
Christmas 138
Spending time with Grammie

Christmas 140

Christmas 147

Christmas 150

Christmas 154

Christmas 156

Christmas 165

Christmas 168

Christmas 172

Christmas 175

Christmas 178

Christmas 182
So sweet – Auntie Kristen with her nieces

After a fun Christmas morning and a delicious turkey dinner (Woulfe tradition!), we headed back to the Sette homestead for more Christmas cheer with the Printer and Norris clans.

Christmas 184
Cousin Donald finally worked up the courage to hold Isla.
Christmas 194
Annual cousins shot with Papa

Christmas 197

Where’s Isla?

Christmas 205

Christmas 206

Christmas 212

My dad had a bottle of 1985 Dom Perignon that he had received the bottle to celebrate a work-related happening back in his pharmaceutical days. Before popping the bubbly, he gave a very nice speech about how he had been saving the bottle for a special occasion but had never opened it. This year, he realized there were many special things to celebrate, so what better time to share it than now while we were all together? Some of the special things we had to celebrate were 30+ years of marriage for my parents, marriage and a new baby for Erik and I, new jobs, a  house and 2 beautiful boys for Mik and Matt, a college graduation and new job for Hannah. My parents have done a pretty good job raising us girls!

Christmas 218

Christmas 223

Christmas 224

Christmas 227

Christmas 240

The day after Christmas we headed back north to see some of my dearest friends from high school. We try and get together every Christmas while we are all nearby. Crystal hosted this year and we also celebrated Lindsay’s upcoming 30th birthday. As usual, we had a lot of laughs and a really fun evening! I wish we all lived close by so we could do this more often. Thankfully Allison has an upcoming wedding which will provide more excuses to see each other in the coming months.

Christmas 257
Isla is excited for a new baby girl Garrels to be friends with this spring!


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