Weekend in RI

Isla RI 007
“Nobody puts baby in the corner.”

After the storm last week, we headed to RI to spend some time with Mimi and Papa (formerly Grammie and Grandpa Woulfe. Parker has renamed them). We had planned on heading to RI after Erik worked, but we decided to wait until Saturday since the roads were not completely clear yet and because it was just plain freezing out.

Saturday morning we headed down to introduce Isla to daddy’s Nana for the first time. We had a lovely visit! Isla was wide awake and in good spirits. Here she is meeting her great-grandma. So sweet! We also took a few shots with the 4 generations.

Isla RI 042 Isla RI 043 Isla RI 054 Isla RI 065 Isla RI 074

Isla RI 091

Isla RI 098 Isla RI 099 Isla RI 115 Isla RI 120

Isla RI 136

Next we headed down to Wakefield, RI to meet Shirley. Shirley is close friends with Nana. We all went out to lunch and then back to Shirley’s house to spend some time together. Isla slept through lunch but was wide awake at Shirley’s.

Isla RI 141 Isla RI 153


Finally we headed back to Mimi and Papa’s house for the rest of the weekend. We spent lots of time cozying up to the wood stove. Daddy took out the boxes full of old report cards and school papers that his mom had been saving him. We had a fun time going down memory lane and a few good laughs as well. All in all it was a perfect, relaxing weekend.

Isla RI 161 Isla RI 163

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