Isla Mary: Three Months

Isla 3 Months 048

Dear Isla,

Another month went by too quickly! I can’t believe how much you changed from week to week this month. You stay awake for so much more of the day now. When you are awake, you are so alert and observant. You just love to look and smile at your toys. Your favorite are your hanging monkey and duck. You also love your doll. When you aren’t looking at your toys, you are content to look at mommy and daddy. We noticed this past week that you are so aware of us. When we have guests and someone other than one of us is holding you, you just stare at mommy or daddy.

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You are so smiley now! You give us huge smiles when we move your legs in a kicking motion. You also LOVE the ABC’s. We get some of your biggest smiles and loudest coos when we sing that. You also try to move your mouth in a way that makes us think that you are trying to mimic us.

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You found your right hand last week and started bringing it to your mouth and sucking on it. Once you discovered this new trick, you decided it is one of your favorite things to do! We wonder if you will be a thumb sucker like both of your parents were.

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We still don’t have much of a schedule. You are still eating every 2-3 hours during the day – but going 10 hours without eating a night. Speaking of night – you are sleeping in your crib now! It was a very easy transition and you were not bothered by the change at all. Mommy on the other hand cried herself to sleep the first night.

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You refuse to nap anywhere but in someone’s arms or in your car seat if we are out and about. If I try to put you in your crib, bouncy seat or lounger to sleep, you wake up immediately or 20 minutes later. You need a 3 hour nap at some point during the day so you typically nap on mommy. That might be a tough habit to kick when you are in daycare. Right now all I can do is snuggle with you and love every minute of it.

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This is the last week of my maternity leave. I’m going to miss spending every minute with you when I go back to work. I think my heart will physically ache when I am away from you all day. These past few months have been such a joy and I have loved every minute of it! We will just have to make the most of our evenings and weekends. When things get busy during the week, Mommy promises to do her best to embrace this poem:

“Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow,

for babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow.

So settle down cobwebs.

Dust go to seep.

I’m rocking my baby,

and babies don’t keep.”

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  1. Poppi is wiping tears from his eyes right now as he reads this, you are such a beautiful little lady and we are so glad to have you in our life. You are also a very lucky girl to have such a special Mommy and Daddy who love you very much. Someday when you are bigger and can read this I hope you give Mommy and Daddy a big hug and kiss because of how much they love you!

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