Isla Mary: Five Months

5 months 004

To my little Isla,

Today you are five months old! I think I have seen the biggest changes in you in the past month. You started the month still very much like a little newborn and have transformed into a babbling, giggling, smiling silly goose. I can’t get enough of your personality.

From the moment you wake up those big smiles start. I love how you are always sticking your tongue out too. We usually bring you in bed with us and you stare at daddy with an expectant smile, waiting for him to wake up.

5 months 009

You have been very observant since you were born, but you seem to really see the world around you this month. You discovered the kitties and love to watch them across the room. You get so excited when Siena comes close and have started to reach out to her. This usually freaks her out, but she is starting to come around and realize that your tiny hands may be a source of more pets. Both cats will definitely become fast friends when you start eating next month.

5 months 059

Speaking of eating, you are still nursing and breastfeeding well. You are getting more distracted when you eat though so I think you are making up for it by chowing down in the middle of the night. So far you have exclusively received breast milk. It is a lot of work to be a pumping working mama but we are so close to the 6 month mark! We have a trip to Wisconsin at the end of April and then will start introducing solids when we get back. I’m so excited to be introducing you to food in the spring and summer when the produce is so fresh and delicious!

5 months 064

You are still a little peanut weighing in at 12.5 pounds. You take after your mama in that regard. You are mostly wearing size 3-6 months for clothes though some of your 6 month stuff is still way too big.

You are doing so well with daycare. You still love the other kids. I hear that they make you giggle so much. It is so cute when I pick you up at the end of the day and the older kids tell me the new stuff you were doing. Everyone was very excited the other day that you were grabbing toys and putting them in your mouth. You are also getting used to napping amid the chaos. You needed still needed 4 naps a few weeks ago but recently dropped your evening nap and are starting to consolidate into longer naps.

5 months 057

We had a rough few weeks of sleep this past month after you were sick for a few days. During that time we created some bad habits and sleep associations. You were waking 6-10 times per night and needing some assistance to get back to sleep. We were all tired and cranky during this time. We ended up ditching the swaddle so that you could learn to self soothe and suck on your fingers (a favorite pastime). After you got over being out of the swaddle (mommy was pleasantly surprised that this only took 3 nights) we decided to make the controversial decision to try the “cry it out” approach to teach you to fall asleep on your own. Boy are we happy we did! It only took you one night to adjust and now we can put you down for bed and naps awake and you fall asleep on your own. You have never been a big crier and rarely scream (thank you!) so I think this went pretty well. Sometimes you fuss as you try to get comfortable but then you fall right to sleep.

5 months 044

When you are tired or want attention, you have an angry babble that you like to use. It is not a cry, but you are definitely trying to communicate that you are not happy. It is a protest of sorts. We find it kind of funny and cute.

5 months 040

You really love your toys and books these days. A few favorites are your singing flashlight, squeaky penguin, crinkly firefly and your activity triangle (for lack of a better term). Your favorite book right now is your “Alphaprint ABC” book. The animals are made with textured fingerprints. Your favorite page by far is the squirrel/toucan page. You love to reach out to the toucan. I also love how you are trying to turn pages now.

5 months 034

You rolled over stomache-to-back at 6 weeks old for the first time and continued to do so for a few weeks and then stopped. Finally you rolled over again last Sunday and did it again on Thursday. I guess tummy time made you mad enough that you figured it out. You seem so close to rolling over from your back as well. You get way on your side but can’t seem to figure out what to do with your hip and one of your arms.

5 months 031

You have the most beautiful blue eyes. They are so piercing and expressive and make you seem so wise. Sometimes I think you can see way down into my soul. Everyone remarks about how deeply blue they are. I wonder if they will start to change or if they will stay that way?

5 months 047

We are just longing for the warmer weather.  Wait until you can just hang out in a onesie instead of bundling up! Daddy and I have felt a little shorted that we have missed out on seeing your chunky thighs all winter. We have had a few nice days this month where we made it outside for a walk and you loved that. You are big enough to use your stroller now so get ready for spending a lot of time in there in the next few weeks. I can’t wait until we can walk and meet daddy at the T after work each night. There is lots of fun to be had ahead!

5 months 054

I could write for days about how much joy you bring to our lives. I think I can speak for daddy too when I say that you melt our hearts on a daily basis. Keep those smiles coming sweetie-pie!



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