Measuring Time

Dear Isla,

In the wee hours of the morning when we were going on our second hour awake together, I had a realization. Over these past 5 months you taught me something. I think that until this point in my life, I was always looking forward to the next thing – graduation from college, big trips, getting engaged, married, buying a house and then having a baby. There was always the next big milestone.

Over these past few months we have slowed down. Made fewer plans. Been up so early that we have enjoyed endless mornings like never before. Looked into your deep blue eyes and loved the right. now.

I guess it is sad that I have lived my life so much in the future. Now I find myself wanting to stretch every moment of the here and now. Squeeze out as many 5 month old smiles as I possibly can. Don’t get me wrong – I can’t wait until our summer vacations and every Monday I long for Friday so that I can be with you all weekend – but even at 3 am when I a running on 2 hours of sleep, I can’t get enough of the now. Your baby smell. Your fuzzy hair.

Thank you for teaching me to love the process. To measure time by raspberries and giggles and nursery rhymes and family time. To treasure every moment.

Love, Mama


3 thoughts on “Measuring Time”

  1. Savour every moment, enjoy every day because one day you blink and your daughter will be 30 and you’ll wonder how she grew up so fast.

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