Isla Mary: Six Months

6 months 076

Happy half birthday little angel!

In the last month you got so grabby. I don’t know why I had some internal anxiety about your lack of interest in grabbing at toys because now you are a pro. Your hands are so busy and you are starting to have purpose to what you want to hold and immediately gnaw on.  On that note, I’m pretty darn sure that you are teething right now. You drool nonstop and at times seem a bit in distress. You can’t stop biting anything that you can get your hands on.

6 months 070

My favorite is when you hold my hand while you are nursing. Your hands still want to be busy when you are eating so I learned that to calm you down I either need to be wearing a necklace that you can hold or give you my free hand. It is so cute how you grasp right on.

6 months 051

6 months 048

This month you discovered your feet and you can’t stop moving and kicking them. I find that you use your feet to show both excitement and irritability (especially in your car seat).

6 months 044

6 months 036

You are so giggly and reserve your best giggles for daddy. I don’t blame you because he is pretty witty and it is near impossible to fall prey to his charms. My heart just swells when I see you both playing together. Daddy gets so silly and you just can’t get enough. Watching your relationship has been so rewarding.

6 months 071

In the sleep department you are still inconsistent. Unless something is bothering you, you sleep decently, but still wake up enough that the fragmented sleep is catching up to mommy and daddy. I usually have to feed you once or twice and then if you don’t go right back to sleep, which seems to happen every other night, then we take turns rocking you or watching you on the monitor. Sometimes we can get away with leaving you to have quiet time in your crib, other times you are looking for someone to hang out with you from 3-5am. Technically you are sleeping through the night I guess – this is defined as 5-6 hours of sleep at once. You generally go to bed at 7 and get up between 1 and 3 for the first time. Sometimes I bring you into bed with us in the morning to squeeze out an extra hour of sleep so thank you for being so cuddly and open to this arrangement.

6 months 015

6 months 005

On your half birthday, you finally figured out how to roll over consistently to get out of tummy time. Before that you had rolled over a few times here and there. While on your tummy you can reach for toys now. You still have PT once a week for your torticollis. Your head tilt has immensely improved but we will still work you with the PT until it is completely gone.

fun time 034

fun time 033

fun time 036

Your personality is forming and shining more and more each day. Last week you started showing a bit of empathy when you started crying upon hearing your daycare friend Maggie cry. You rarely cry out so randomly like that so you were clearly bothered by hearing her in distress. You immediately stopped crying when she did. I can’t wait to see what other little character traits emerge over the next few months.

fun time 018

Everyone who meets you continues to be amazed by how easy-going and relaxed you are. I love my blue-eyed cutie to pieces!

fun time 046

*We did a two part photo shoot this month because the first round was not at your most cooperative time of day.


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