Mini Weekend Roundup

Long weekends rock. My. World. This past weekend we were able to be productive and social though relaxation took the back seat.

Isla had her doctor’s appointment on Friday and weighed in at 14 lbs, 5 ounces. Still a little peanut in the 12th percentile for weight and 9th for height. She had another round of vaccines and was rather fussy for the remainder of the day.


Saturday Isla spent lots of time with Daddy while I went and did some major damage shopping. I was in dire need of some summer pants since I spent last summer in maternity clothes. Saturday afternoon Isla wanted to nap in my arms so her and I snuggled while Erik worked in the yard.

Sunday Erik and I went to Kevin and Sarah’s wedding while Isla spent some quality time with Mimi and Papa at their house.  We had fun getting out for the night but I was exhausted! It’s a struggle to be up past 9pm these days. Isla must have been aware of being in a different place because when we went back to Mimi and Papa’s after the wedding she had a rough night of sleep.


Sunday we hung out at Mimi and Papa’s and the invited my parents and Mik/Matt and the  boys over for a cookout. Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate! It was nice to spend some time with everyone though.

Memorial Day 009

Memorial Day 015

Memorial Day 019

Memorial Day 022

Memorial Day 025

Memorial Day 027



Poor little Isla had some issues with something she ate and vomited A LOT on both me and Auntie Mik. I realized after that her pouch had some citric acid in it. Back when she was 2 weeks old we had to discontinue vitamin D drops because she had really bad reflux from what we theorized was the citric acid. The problems stopped once we stopped the vitamin D so she still must not be tolerant of citric acid. I will just have to make sure her food doesn’t have this and try again in a few weeks.

I wish we had taken more pictures this weekend but should be taking plenty this week since we have a seven month update coming up!

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