Isla Mary: Seven Months

7 Months 034

Dear Isla,

This week last year we learned that you were going to be a baby girl and here you are at seven months old. Have I mentioned that time has flown by?

Since you started solids, it seems like you always have breakfast on your nose. I think that I give you a good scrub in the morning, but prunes or peaches are always stuck all day! You seem to love eating your purees. You make lots of noise while we feed you but are pretty patient between bites. You like almost everything we give you except for avocado. You enjoyed that the first time but since then you have gagged whenever we tried it.

7 Months 048

This month you became a roly poly! You are a pro at going back and forth from your tummy to your back. When I put you in your crib at night you immediately roll onto your belly or way on your side to snuggle in.

7 Months 025

This week has been all about your feet. You finally figured out that you can reach them and it seems that there is always one in your hand – whether you are in your stroller, being changed, playing on your play mat and even nursing!

7 Months 050

You have also become much more generous with your giggles! Mommy and daddy both know how to get you going. You think it is hilarious when mommy shakes her head or when daddy gives you raspberries on your neck.

7 Months 040

You make so much noise lately! Not just giggles but also with your constant babbling. You are discovering so many new sounds lately and just want to keep chatting from the moment you wake up until you go to bed.

We think that you are ready to make friends with every little kid that you see. Your face lights up when you spot someone in the 1-9 year age range. You also continue to be empathetic. Just today your cousin Parker hit her head and was crying and you immediately teared up and were upset to see her cry.

7 Months 043

You love books so much. You actually start to giggle when I take certain books out. My favorite is Wherever you are my love will find you by Nancy Tillman. I can recite that one by heart. Your favorite is your alphaprint ABCs. I think we both like any book that rhymes. We read 5-10 books per day. This month you just love to turn the pages. I have to read some pages really fast or fight you to keep the page open sometimes.

Sleep has gotten better this month. While you are not sleeping through the night, we can count on only one wake-up now and even if you are not ready to fall right back to sleep, you toss and turn in your crib until you are ready. One glorious night you slept through the night.

7 Months 022

We love that it is getting nicer and we can go on walks. What will your 8th month bring? Swings, pools, the beach, BBQs – so much fun! You will also be starting a new daycare which deserves a post of its own.

To quote my favorite book – “you are my angel, my darling, my star…”

Love, Mama


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