Weekend Roundup

Summer is in full force and Isla went to the beach again! This time Mama and Isla heading to Narragansett to visit Jen and Stevie – fun times!

The beach beauties lasted an hour and a half on the beach. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures at the beach, only at the house afterwards. Stevie loved having all that space to crawl around and went crazy moving everywhere in the sand. Isla hung out on her blanket and fussed when I tried to put her piggies in the water. It was surprising warm so I was bummed that she was not interested.

The rest of the day we hung out chatting with a lovely view on the deck. Diane made amazing chowder and picked up some clam cakes. That really made it feel like summer to me. There was a nice time period where the little ladies napped and the mommies enjoyed some wine. I can’t wait to see these ladies again!









Sunday morning Erik let me sleep in so Isla had lots of Daddy time. She also had more Daddy time when I was at Caroline’s shower.





Sunday evening we headed up to Essex to check out Uncle Dana, Auntie Elle and Parker’s new gorgeous house. We are so excited for them and will be very happy to spend time there in the future! Parker and Isla were goofballs for a bit as usual so of course Erik took some cute shots.

DanaElleParker New Home 018

DanaElleParker New Home 029

DanaElleParker New Home 024

DanaElleParker New Home 020

DanaElleParker New Home 011

DanaElleParker New Home 046

DanaElleParker New Home 045

DanaElleParker New Home 033

DanaElleParker New Home 051



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