Isla Mary: Eight Months


Dear Isla,

We are 8 months in to getting to learn all about your fantastic personality. This month was all about that! You don’t stop smiling and moving and wanting to be social with us and anyone you meet. It is so fun to watch you become who you are.


You are becoming more mobile. You have no interest in crawling yet but you can certainly get around to where you want to go by rolling. Mommy and Daddy have to start battening down the hatches! Gone are the days that I can put you down somewhere and find you in the same spot. You have almost mastered sitting when you are in the mood to sit. We still need to make sure something is behind you so you don’t bump your head but you are getting there. You also started to figure out how to bounce in your bouncy seat with a little help from Daddy.  It still takes some encouragement but I bet you will be a little jumping bean in no time.


You are such a silly goose and love to show us and everyone you meet throughout your day your gummy smiles. You are really starting to ham it up and relish in the attention. You try to capture people’s attention by nodding. In fact, nodding your head is your favorite trick this month. I think you use this motion to get attention, gesture at an object you want and to mimic us back and forth because you think it is funny. We also call this the “what up dawg” move.


Just the other night you were so tired so I was going to skip your bedtime book. You starting nodding toward your bookcase. I thought you wanted my water because you just love drinking out of a big girl glass, so I moved my glass in hopes that you would relax. You kept nodding and would not settle down. I realized that you were calling me out on skipping your book! After reading one book you nodded at the bookcase again for another. You are so brilliant!


I think you are starting to get a bit of separation anxiety. We mostly notice this at night. Sometimes you really scream when we put you in your crib. Never when you are going to sleep for the first time – you are great at that – but if you get up in the middle of the night it happens. You really are a dream of a baby so I guess we can handle the difficult nights we have been having – can you work on that for mommy though?


I have to say that perhaps some of my favorite moments are when I see you after not having seen you for a bit. You know I am your mommy now and get incredibly excited – the legs start kicking and if you are on your back you usually start moving backwards. My heart melts every time and I love to take you in my arms and give you a big hug and millions of kisses. Kisses on that neck get some of your best giggles.


As the shirt says – you remain a Daddy’s girl. You love it when Daddy reads your Bear books and uses all his character voices. You also love all the songs he sings you. I am not sure who is more enamored with who but I do know that you have one of the best daddies out there!


You are still a peanut! We will see what you weigh at the end of the month but I think you are still pretty tiny. You are a decent eater – you love your dinner best. You usually have veggie purees for dinner and eat almost 2 full pouches now. You don’t eat as well for breakfast but that’s ok since you have usually filled up on milk beforehand.


We are so happy it is summer! You seem to enjoy going to the beach and all the social events that we have planned on weekends. If you skip a nap you are usually still in good spirits so thank you for being so easy and flexible.  Everyone continues to remark about your beautiful eyes and sweet personality. I still can’t believe on a daily basis that I get to be your Mama! Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life sweet pea!

Love, Mama


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