Isla Mary: Nine Months

Isla - 9 Months 098

Dear Isla,

You have been out in this world as long as you were in the womb now. My pregnancy seems so long ago, yet it seems way longer than the time you have graced us.

Today you had your nine month check-up. You continue to be a peanut weighing in at 14 pounds, 12 ounces. You are 25.8 inches long and are in the 5th percentile for weight and 3rd for height! We have to go back for a weight check in 6 weeks, but the NP was not concerned since you are still breastfed and are more mobile.

Isla - 9 Months 049

You are doing new tricks every week now! This week your big milestone is blowing raspberries. You make a silly face by curling your lower lip in when you do this. Last week your new trick was playing peekaboo! You love to play peekaboo using your towel after your bath and you even use toys throughout the day. It’s so funny to look over to see you holding something in front of your face and of course we have to say “where’s Isla?…Peekaboo!!!” You also love to yell for fun, especially when other kids are around. You start to ham it up to try and make friends. Sometimes you even babble to your new friends.

Isla - 9 Months 046

Perhaps mommy’s favorite thing you do this month is hugs and kisses. You get so excited when you see me that you reach for me and give me a big hug and some open mouth kisses! Daddy thinks we are ridiculous.

Isla - 9 Months 073

You aren’t crawling quite yet, but you don’t really need to because you can roll to wherever you want to go. You roll from one side of the room to the other and you can pivot on your tummy with the best of them.  You hate it when we try to prop you on your arms to try to crawl. I’m thinking that you may skip the crawl and go right to walking. You love to stand-up. You have loved to stand since you were only a few weeks old and could barely hold up your head. You can hang on to a piece of furniture to stand – you can’t pull yourself up, but you can balance. You also enjoy the assisted walk when we hold your hands and let you move forward. You are so squirmy that these photo shoots are getting more difficult!

Isla - 9 Months 059

You still love books and this month you are all about books that have flaps. You also like selecting your own book to read. If we have a pile of books and start reading but there is another book you prefer to read, you let us know. The other day you rolled over on daddy’s lap to get another book to read since the one he was reading apparently did not meet your whim.

Isla - 9 Months 084

You are such a social butterfly. You love going to daycare and crack a smile as soon as you see your new friends. You also love to nod your head at people. You get to do so many fun things like painting and water play. You adjusted quickly to the new daycare.

Everyone still remarks on your gorgeous eyes. Now that you are nine months old, I think they are to stay!

Isla - 9 Months 078

You are sleeping decently  – typically with one wake-up at 4:30 and usually it is a quick one to nurse and then you are back down until 6:30 or even 7. Since you are so tiny we will continue to let you nurse at night until you turn one. Speaking of eating, we are going to work on getting you to eat more table foods this month. So far you have not been a huge fan of textures. You have tried some scrambled  eggs though and were ok with that and are starting to do better with puffs. Tonight we will try some sweet potato baked fried and maybe some ground beef.

Isla - 9 Months 071

We are creeping to your first birthday- I just can’t believe it! It is such a cliche, but time sure flies. I just can’t tell you how much my love grows for you every day. I just want to gobble you up little sweet pea!

Love,  Mama

Isla - 9 Months 025

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