Isla Mary: Ten Months

Isla 10 Month 023

Dear Isla,

We sure have a ten month old on our hands! You have changed so much this month. You suddenly do not stop moving. You started crawling – well you do the most adorable army crawl and can scoot around pretty quickly.  You started waving. You are being a little piggy with solid foods. Still no teeth though!

Isla 10 Month 084

This month you also gave mommy and daddy a huge scare when you had your first fever. It spiked so high that we woke up to hearing you scream and when we ran into your room, you were having a seizure. So you had your first ride in an ambulance. Can this first also be a last please? You ended up testing positive for the flu and it felt like we battled that fever forever. You were the best little patient though and just wanted mommy and daddy close by for snuggles.

Isla 10 Month 102

I’d say that your favorite food right now is yogurt. If we want you to eat some fruit before the yogurt, we have to hide it otherwise you will keep nodding your head and focusing on the yogurt – willing it into your tummy. The whole time you eat it you make happy noises and then even cry when it is done! Mommy and daddy can’t eat in front of you anymore without sharing whatever we are having. You need to get a bit better at the whole chewing thing but we will keep practicing. I suppose that will be easier when you finally get some teeth.

Isla 10 Month 021

You still are not the best sleeper. You like to be up for long bursts of time in the night. We need to work on that. Some nights you only have one quick wake-up which makes mommy very happy. One night this month you slept through and mommy was hoping that trend would continue but it did not.

Isla 10 Month 077

You continue to love books and this month you were all about the flaps. It amazes me that you remember which way the flaps open on a page. You especially like the book “Baby Loves Winter” and your favorite page is the last one with baby’s mommy behind the pine tree with hot cocoa.

Isla 10 Month 053

Speaking of mommy, you started reaching for me this month and it melts my heart every time. You definitely have more separation anxiety as well. You started doing the shy eyes when a stranger talks to you – you put your head on my shoulder and give a shy smile. When I’m changing you on your changing table and then stand you up, you grab my neck and give me a big hug. If daddy walks in the room you giggle and hug harder because you know that tickles are coming.

Isla 10 Month 051

Daddy makes you laugh like no one else. You two are so silly together As soon as you hear his voice, you start laughing. It is incredibly cute.

Isla 10 Month 045

You still love daycare. I think you know we are there when we get out of the car because you get so excited. I am still sad most days that I don’t spend every day with you but I know how much fun you are having. Next week you move from the little baby room to the big baby room! We are a bit sad about this transition because we love your teachers, but the rooms are attached and you spend most of your time with the big babies anyway. You just love to socialize with all your friends.

Isla 10 Month 043

You always want to be moving which is pretty apparent in this months’ photo shoot. If I put you down on your back, you are immediately trying to get to your tummy. If we sit you on the floor, you are trying to get on your tummy. I love to watch you go from sitting to crawling position. When you first started trying to master this move, you would put your hands on the floor and start moving your arms forward and would eventually let your body fall and you would hit your head. You are a bit more graceful now. You just love playing on the floor in the living room with your toys and will often spend an hour or more just rolling around.

Isla 10 Month 038

You sure know how to get around the house – FAST. You want to go right for the cat food…or the cats. You try to chase them and they watch you approach and when you are almost to them, they run away. Sometimes mommy or daddy will chase you and you turn around and crack up – especially when we say, “I’m going to get you!”

Isla 10 Month 030

I can’t believe that a year ago from this week we were on our babymoon and anxiously awaiting your arrival. I mean seriously, I blinked, and now you are ten months old. I certainly cannot imagine my life before your gummy grin entered it. We are about to have a full-fledged toddler on our hands!

Isla 10 Month 029

Thank you for being the sweetest little angel and making mommy and daddy so happy!



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