Weekend Roundup – Daddy & Me

This weekend was Mommy’s first night away from Isla. So while she went off and enjoyed a fun time with the ladies, Daddy and Isla had a great bonding weekend! It was an interest test – no Alyssa to fall back to if Isla was upset, hungry, or just plain missing her mother … just Dad (and Mimi and Papa!) with bottles trying to make the grade. I’m happy to report that everything went great! We had a great trip to RI where we spent a lot of downtime with the grandparents (and Shep!) and also visit my Aunt Shirley down in Wakefield.




Foster 015

Foster 052

Foster 031

Isla had lots of fun meals and we all took turns feeding her – although she continued her trend of feeding herself for most of it!






She had a good night’s sleep with just one brief wakeup – that was Dad’s biggest concern, so he’s very thankful that she went easy on him.


Foster 022

Foster 005

Foster 010

Everyone was happy to reunite back in MA again on Sunday but it was a great time had by all (including Mom and the girls). Isla rocks!

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