Mini weekend roundup

Friday was Isla’s close-out visit for PT. A big thank you goes out to Tami for helping this munchkin get her head on straight 😛 Since Isla was breach, she had a minor case of torticollis which caused her to have a head tilt. Tami has been visiting us weekly since January to help her correct this.





On Saturday Mommy went to get her hair done and then we met up with Jason and Connor for a walk around the lake in Wakefield. Both babies loved the walk and were so good! Sorry about the sun in their eyes for this shot.



On Sunday, Mommy and Dada went to the Pats game so after a big breakfast of oatmeal and blueberries, Isla headed off to Auntie Kristen’s to hang out for a bit and then Mimi and Papa picked her up to watch her the rest of the day. Isla also got to go hang out with her cousin Parker in Essex. She must have had a very busy day because she had her best nights’ sleep in weeks despite her coughing fits!





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