Isla Mary: Twelve Months


Dear Isla,

My word. One. A whole year went by? It is hard to imagine because it was so fast – too fast really. Then I look at you and how much you have changed and grown and I ask myself how it is possible that so many changes can happen in a year? I mean  – look at the difference from the moment you were born until now (and everything in between)?

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I have truly treasured every moment with you this year. I know how incredibly lucky I am to be your mama. From all the snuggling we did those first few weeks to all the giggling we do lately – each moment has been a gift. I would love to rewind the clock and live through it all again but I also look forward to all the fun times to come!


As I see your personality take shape, I just can’t wait to hear what you have to say. You babble your way through meals and playing so I think you have something on your mind.


You hit some big milestones this past month. Within 24 hours you figured out how to go from crawling to sitting – first wiggling into position in the tub of all places, and then you pulled yourself up to standing at the couch. Then as if that were not a big enough week, you started clapping hands a few days later! You are a big fan of clapping hands and the cuteness kills me so we keep clapping hands all day. You are such a monkey now and want to climb everything. It is still so funny to watch you because you are such a peanut.


We have a new routine this month  – watching the cats eat breakfast and dinner. I think you are more excited than they are. Daddy or I have to sit with you on the floor to contain you so that you don’t get right in there and start eating kitty food. The entire time you squeal with delight and don’t know quite what to do with yourself!


You graduated to the big tub recently and a big girl car seat too! Bath time got a whole lot more fun. I am so impressed with how you do in the water. We can dump a whole cup of water on your head and you are not phased. You love your new tub toys from Grandma but you insist on holding a facecloth the entire time. We need to have 2 facecloths during tub time so we can wash you with one while you hold the other. You have a meltdown if we take one away.


You are improving with bottles and sleep! We are down to nursing twice a day and you take 3 bottles including 6-8 ounces at bedtime. We are slowing starting to switch to whole milk. So far you are a bit skeptical. This week we realized we had to do cry it out again since you were waking frequently. Each night your sleep has gotten better so fingers crossed that you figure out the 4:30 am wake-up without too many tears over the next few days. I think since we stopped feeding you at night it is making you drink more during the day. That whole reverse cycling was very tiring for mama. We have started weaning though and I am going to miss nursing you in a few weeks! You are just so cute how you are always so affectionate and rub my arm or hold my hand during feedings. You also like to hold my hand and direct my arm under your knees and then you kick your feet – it is hard to describe but  funny little thing I don’t want to forget.


Well we made it through 12 monthly updates! I probably won’t keep up monthly updates but maybe quarterly for your second year so I can document your progress. It has been hard getting you to sit still and take a picture these last few months. You are starting to get into the toddler go-go-go phase with all your mobility!


It has been an amazing ride with you this year sweet girl. You are always so happy and such a joy to be with. I honestly can’t think of a time when you really cried and I could not figure out what you needed to calm you down. You are a dream baby. I just can’t believe we are moving into the toddler phase and I can’t say that we have a newborn anymore. We have a one year old! I can’t wait to see what you learn next!

Love, Mama


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