Random Weekend Shots

Perhaps we have an aspiring medical professional on our hands. Isla loves checking everyone (and everything including rocking bunnies and dolls) out with her doctor kit. It is so funny what she has picked up from recent trips to the doctor  – now when she uses the otoscope, she also asks you to open your mouth and say ahhh so she can pretend to use the flashlight. When she uses the stethoscope, she asks you to take deep breaths by breathing in and out heavily.



Friday night Auntie Hannah stayed over and we found an awesome toddler park in Norton and then went to Winslow’s Farm. It is an animal sanctuary and you can roam among most of the animals who come up to you for lots of love. Isla’s favorite of course are the kitty cats. There are also some big ducks that she loves. This weekend the peacock was showing off with all of its feathers out.