Sonora Beverlie: One Month


Dear Sonora,

Happy one month! Already the three of us cannot remember life without you as part of our family. Even your sister, who was so skeptical of you at first, just adores you. The first person she wants to see when she wakes up in the morning and gets home from school is you. She asks to hold you and does not stop giving you kisses. She rarely kisses mommy and daddy these days and saves them all up for “Nowwa” or “NoNo”. She always lets us know that you are her baby.


You have been such a good eater! You have a one month check-up next week and we think you are around 11 lbs already! You love to nurse until you overeat and then spit up epic amounts. We are working on smaller more frequent feedings during the day which seems to help but we can usually count on a soaker once per day. At night you cluster feed before bed but then you are so kind to mommy and usually let me sleep from 11-3ish and are back to sleep for another 2-3 hours after a quick small feed.


You love to be held – especially in the morning and the evening when you are a bit fussy. We think that is when you eat so much that you get a belly ache. We are more than happy to hold you and just stare at you. You wanted to be held in the night too but are getting better about sleeping in your co-sleeper.


The month has been fast of course but because you are so big and because you smile with purpose so much, you seem so much older! I’ve never seen a baby who smiles this much so soon. You also giggle in your sleep. We wish we knew what was cracking you up so much but we have a feeling it is your BFF Isla.


Being the second born, you are definitely your own little person already but it is hard not to compare you to your sister. You are much bigger than she was – at one month you are about the size she was at 6 months. You must be such an efficient eater. It takes you half the time that it took your sister which is good because we don’t always have 40 mins before we need to run to the next activity. You do not look alike now, but when I look back on pictures of Isla at one month, you look so much alike. You’re even getting the receding hairline as you start to lose all the hair on the top of your head. When I am nursing you, sometimes your mannerisms exactly manner Isla’s and I am immediately brought back in time 2.5 years.


You still have a screechy cry when you are displeased with something. Right now, those things seem to be – hunger, a really dirty diaper, when someone moves your position but you were happy and comfortable, and belly aches. Speaking of dirty diapers, you are the queen of blowouts!


Thank you for being so mobile! Since it is summer and your sister is so active, we are getting out so much more than we did with her as a newborn. You have just gone with the flow and have been so easy!


I have to say, before we met, mommy was so nervous about having two kids. It’s true what they say – my heart doubled the day you were born and I often find myself overwhelmed with love for you. I am so enjoying our time together as a family and the alone time that we sneak in when Isla is at school. I know you are probably our last child and just how fast this special newborn time goes so I am doing my best to commit every curve of your face and sweet newborn smell to my memory. If only we could slow down time…


For your second month of life we have our first family vacation planned! Cape Cod with mommy’s side and Maine with Daddy’s. We can’t wait!


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