Sonora Beverlie: Two Months

Dear Sweet Sonora,

You are two months old! We spent the first month cleaning  spit-up and getting to know what your shrill little cry meant and the second month completely enjoying your company. Not that we didn’t enjoy the first month, but there was a lot of newborn worrying to deal with. Lately we have been able to follow your cues and learn how easy going you are!

You just love attention and being held. You smile and chat with anyone who will talk to you. You also love smiling at the ceiling fan and at the ugly sconce that mommy hates above your changing table. You started giggling this month and have the biggest giggles for mommy so far. I’m sure that will change and all the giggles will go to Isla soon.

You are still a good eater and a great sleeper! Mommy especially thanks you for that as I don’t feel so sleep deprived. This past week you slept through the night 4 times and 3 of them were in a row! You are not really on a nap schedule yet. Sometimes you sleep all day and other times you won’t nap at all and then get really overtired so it is hard to get you to go back to sleep.

You are a fantastic errand buddy. You are so good in your carseat and love being worn through the grocery store. It is just so easy to take you places. You even went on your first vacation and were just the perfect angel. We had to change some of our plans of what we would normally do since you can’t wear sunscreen yet, but it was nice to get away as a family and you made it quite easy for mommy and daddy.

Your sister has finally adjusted to having you around. She just adores you and gets very territorial when other people go near you or want to hold you. All days she asks, “Isla hold baby?” She also calls you Nono, so we all call Nono. Or Sono. Or Sonnybuns. You are just so lucky that you get all the kisses now. Isla has no more kisses for mommy and daddy, just baby.

You weigh 12.5 pounds and you are so long. You sister didn’t weigh that until 8 or 9 months old. You are wearing clothes that she wore the summer after she was born! Please slow down this growing thing. It makes mommy feel like the time is just slipping away too fast and before we know it, you will be keeping up with Isla. Speaking of time passing quickly, mommy goes back to work in 2 weeks. I’m very sad about this but the return will be gentle on us all. Mommy is going back only for 24 hours per week and she will be working from home! Pam who lives next door will be watching you. She seems like she will be lovely and you will get lots of one on one attention. Also, when mommy misses you I can just pop downstairs for a kiss.

Thank you for introducing us to your very sweet personality! We have loved this second month and are interested to see what the next one brings!


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