Sonora Beverlie: Three Months


Dear Sonora,

Just one year ago from September 18th, you were implanted in my belly.  Now here we are in a flash and you are already three months old!


In a month you once again grew by leaps and bounds. You are probably about 14 pounds now. To compare, Isla was 15 pounds at one year old. You are starting to reach for the mobile on the Mammaroo and are starting to hold a toy when I put it in your hand. You are trying so hard to try and get things in your mouth and often have your whole fist in there, drool pouring down. We are pretty sure you are going to roll over any day now! You try so hard. You also push yourself around your play mat with your strong legs.


You are a poor napper – we usually only get little cat naps throughout the day but you are such a good night sleeper. You are still in the pack n’ play in our room because you sleep so well in there and we can control the room temperature better until the nights are more predictable. You get up somewhere between 3 and 5am for the quickest of comfort feedings and it is back to sleep. The only way you will sleep is with your head turned left and face right against the side of the pack n’play. Good thing it is mesh so you can breath. If we put you down in a different position, you will wiggle your way over.


You love the bath tub and kick your feet the whole time soaking whoever is bathing you. We think you  may be our little fishy.


You continue to be a smiley happy baby – especially in the morning. That is when you giggle most and are so chatty. Lately, Isla chats with you and you laugh so much at her. It really melts our hearts to see your sister relationship start to blossom. You love it when we play patty cake with your hands or do “mon ush” on our faces.


Mommy went back to work and Pam started babysitting you. You are so good for Pam and I am so happy with how things are working out. You always took the bottle but we switched bottle types and you seem to do better with the Dr. Browns bottles now. After Mommy has worked for the day, all you want to do is nurse for an hour. I am quite happy to snuggle during this time.


Plans we have this coming month are to get you on more of a schedule with napping and to introduce you to all the fun of our favorite time of year – the fall!



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