Sonora Beverlie: Four Months


Little Nono –

Four months old! It is a cliche to say time flies but it just does. So there. I said it. You have had a very big month! You have continued your trend of rolling through milestones (pun intended) and already have rolled over both ways.  Every time I put you down on the day that you finally did it )2 weeks ago) you immediately got on your left side and were trying so hard. You were obsessive about it all day. Finally you just hurled yourself over! We were so proud. Often when I leave the room and you are on your play mat, I soon hear the telltale cries that you rolled again and got your arm stuck under you. You are still trying to master this skill but it definitely happened early!


In the sleep department, you are still doing great at night when you are not sick, but you are not a good napper even though you so desperately need a few of them. We’re still not on a schedule which is partially on me but it would be much easier if you just agreed to snooze in your crib for more than 10 minutes. You still prefer to nap on a person.

Your sad face is so very sad!

You just love the tub! Sometimes we put you in a mesh tub sling and you bathe with your sister. Isla just loves that. When we put you in the infant tub you cannot stop kicking your feet. It is hilarious how you just don’t stop and you soak whoever is bathing you.


You are so vocal and love experimenting with sounds. Your favorite lately is blowing raspberries. Once you start with the raspberries, you tend to continue for quite a bit of time until you are just a drool-y mess. You are also experimenting with yelling Рnot  because you are upset, but just for fun.

See – raspberries.

Your giggles are infectious and you still crack up most frequently for your sister. Your sister just loves you so much that she smothers you so mommy can’t turn her head for a second. I’m typically asking her to get off of you and you just encourage her by smiling. You are already in cahoots. Isla says to you lately, “I love you too much” and my heart just melts right then and there.

I have to say, you are somewhat of a stinky baby! I hope this doesn’t embarrass you one day but holy cow – your gas and the ear you tend to drool into! You can be quite stinky. We still love you like crazy though! We’ll keep you.


You have discovered your hands and you don’t want to stop putting them in your month as evident from this photo shoot. Your hands are often slimy and your chest soaked from all the drool. You also discovered your toes! You love to hold them and try and get them into your mouth too.

You went to the doctor last week and are 14.5 lbs and 26 inches long. You dropped to the middle of the pack at 54th percentile for weight but are very long at the 96th percentile.


Our neighbor Pam has been watching you while mommy works and she agrees that you are so sweet. You always have big smiles for Pam each morning. She spoils you with attention and takes you on nice walks and reads lots of books. You also get many snuggles in the struggle to get you to nap.

Auntie Kristen cameo.

You very much want to be part of all the action. That is starting to make nursing tough because every noise makes you turn away. I think this is part of the reason you never want to nap – you just don’t want to miss anything.

Lots of love for our very sweet and social baby girl!

Enough with the pictures!