Sonora Beverlie: Five Months



You are such a big girl! You sit at the table in the clip chair, can roll over both ways  now, and are such a little jumping bean in your jumparoo. In fact, you think you can bounce on everything now when we hold you standing up which is quite the arm workout for mommy and daddy. You can also hold toys now and love to chew on teethers. I often wonder if you are teething.


You are so aware of everything. So much so that you don’t want to miss anything which makes naps and sleep in general pretty tough. I think you hit the 4 month sleep regression. You much prefer to sleep snuggled up to me than in your crib. We moved the crib into our room to work on it and it is getting a bit better now that you can roll and get comfortable. We hope sleep improves soon or we may be crying it out next month.


You had your first real sickness this month and it seems like the cold just won’t go away. You ended up with a double ear infection and a nasty rash which may be from amoxcil. We had to switch to a different antibiotic since you may be allergic. You were a pretty good patient though.


One of your favorite people continues to be big sister Isla! You both make each other laugh so hard. You love to take tubs together. You are always observing your big sister and I can just tell that you want to get in there and start playing together. When you sit with us at the dinner table, you guys just giggle at each other like you have your own inside joke.


You just love to nurse still. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy our snuggle nursing sessions. I will say nursing is becoming more…interesting. Sometimes there is too much going on around so you can’t focus or you are so active now that you know you have hands and are constantly flailing them around. Other times you like to bite hard on my nipple. I don’t like that so much. We’ll keep it going though. We are almost at the 6 month mark!


You are even more of a chatterbox these days. When I am on the phone, you start talking to the phone too. You are making so many different cooing sounds. At night in your bed, sometimes you wake up and just start talking to yourself. We love hearing your little voice.


We keep saying that your babyhood is going by so much faster than Isla’s.  Thankfully every stage is so fun, but it makes mommy sad that you won’t be little forever. Already you are going to  be starting food next month. Really, how did that happen? We are also getting into the fun holiday season which we can’t wait to share with you!


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