Sonora Beverlie: Six Months


Dear Sonora,

Happy Half Year Old! I can’t believe we have reached this milestone already. Your personality is really starting to shine and daddy, Isla, and I love how you fit in to our family. You sit with us like a big girl at the table for meals and are so involved in the discussions even though you can’t talk yet. You and Isla exchange giggles and screams and it makes mommy and daddy smile so big outside and in!


You have really discovered your tongue this month and love to talk to the ceiling with your tongue out whispering “dadada”. You still love to blow raspberries and often it is the first thing you start doing at 3 am and then when you wake for the day around 6. You are also starting to discover some new sounds like  “hhhh”. Sometimes it almost sounds like you are replying hi to us.


You have also finally figured out how to get your piggy toes into your mouth! As soon as we change your diaper your feet go right up and into your mouth. You also loooove being naked and giggle when we are getting you naked for tub time.


Tough stuff this past month were a diaper rash that won’t go away, (even though it doesn’t bother you) and sleep. Oh the sleep. It is not great. We are much better at reading your cues for needing to go to sleep before we pass overtired. We also realized that you need to moan yourself to sleep while we rock you pretty fast. One thing we just can’t get past is keeping you asleep. Some nights are better than others. We have a hard time with the nights where you wake up frequently (say every 10 mins) before settling in for a few hours and you need mommy or daddy to help you get back to sleep. Either way, we can pretty much count you to be snuggled up to mommy for the night after midnight. We are going to work on breaking this habit once we get through Christmas.


You love playing with your toys as long as you can gnaw on them.  You are very grabby lately and love reaching out and touching the pages of books when we read to you. We asked Santa for Pet the Bunny which we surprisingly don’t own. I think you are going to love touching the pages of that book. You still love your jumperoo and just go nuts from the moment we put you in until we take you out.


You are still a big girl at 16 lbs, 10 ozs. You already surpassed your sister’s one year old weight and are now within 9 lbs of her. I think in a year you may be the same size!


We were going to start food this week, but you are on antibiotics because of another ear infection so we are going to wait until we stop those so we don’t get any side effects confused with potential food issues. We think you are going to like to eat!

We can’t wait to celebrate your first Christmas with you next week!