Sonora Beverlie: Seven Months

Sonora Seven Months 237

Dear Sonora,

You have been showing us your personality from day one, but I think this last month we really started to see that a major trait is that you are  loud! You want to be heard! You just love to scream, even if it is just a fun playful scream. If you are not screaming, you are blowing berries, or saying “Dadadadada” nonstop. Sometimes you are even trying some other sounds and it really sounds like you are saying “Hi” sometimes.”

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You absolutely love playing with your toys and it is amazing how fast you pick up what to do with a toy and play with it purposefully. For example, for Christmas you got a toy that you use a hammer to hit balls with and they go down a series of chutes. You love to hit the balls and watch them go down, then pick up the balls. Once your sister took away the hammer and you just lost your mind. It was so funny – you turned red and started shaking and yelling. I can’t believe you already know to get mad when someone takes away a toy you were happily playing with. The sibling rivalry is starting already!

Other toys you like lately are the Zany Zoo or anything with a bead maze, toys that have pieces that you can spin, and anything silicon that you can gnaw on. I’m expecting to see teeth at any moment but I thought that starting at 6 months for Isla and her first tooth finally appeared at 14 months.

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You started to eat table food this past month. We are skipping purees and giving baby-led weaning a try. So far you have tried: avocados (this was your first food), bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, meatballs, spaghetti squash, kiwi, peas, mango. I try to give you long pieces of these things that you can grab and gum. You can pick even the slippery things up so well. We can’t say that you have too much interest at this point. We try to offer you food once or twice a day right now and sometimes you bring a few pieces to your mouth, sometimes you just smoosh and play with it. Every so often you gum a piece off and then  spit it out. I’m not sure you have swallowed much at this point. I think your favorite thing so far has been the sweet potato. You also make classic baby eating for the first time faces with a lot of drama, shock and awe! You do like the social aspect of eating though and like to have something on your plate when we are all at the table, even if you aren’t really eating it yet.

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We had a rough month sick-wise. We started off with your third double ear infection in a row and ended with the flu. We knew you were exposed so we were able to give you Tamiflu and it definitely reduced your severity so it could have been worse for you than it was. I do think you are working on another ear infection though.

What else happened this month? You enjoyed your first Christmas! There was a lot of excitement and you handled it so well. You also started sitting up so well on your own. You will stay seated for quite awhile and only topple from time to time. You are even starting to sit in the tub sometimes. Speaking of the tub, you love love love the tub and love to splash!

Sonora Seven Months 244

Thing you don’t like this month – getting your nose wiped, going into your room because you know it means it is time to sleep and you fight that like none other. Sleep continues to be a big issue – mommy doesn’t even want to talk about it. Let’s hope that changes this coming month. We know it won’t change without some tough love which we are dreading but also needing to try. We just can’t catch a break with sickness to be given the chance!

You who has always wanted nothing more than to be held are suddenly pushing us away when you see something you want to play with. I think this is more of your personality coming out as you can do more. You are wanting so bad to be independent and get out there and explore this world!

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