Sonora Beverlie: Eight Months

Sonora Eight Months 015

Dear Sonora,

In this first year of life you have already lived to see the Pats win a Super Bowl. It was a very exciting one at that!

You sure know how to slide in some milestones at the last minute! Just under the 8 month mark you started waving and clapping your hands. You started playing peekaboo earlier in the month and it is just so cute. You get this smirk on your face and then you start hiding your eyes.

Sonora Eight Months 021

I have probably said this before, but you are so social and just love new experiences. You have been going to story hour with Pam who has said that you love it. I was able to take you last week and it was so fun to watch you try and interact wit everyone and get so excited and do your loud grunt giggle! You seem to be trying to mimic the teacher when she sings songs. You are sure going to love going to Miss Stacy next month! Even when we took you to watch sister swim at the Y, you were in your element watching all the activity. I could tell you wanted to be able to get off my lap and get out there and play. You also start swimming lessons next month and we think you are going to be quite the fishy.

Sonora Eight Months 017

In some ways the last month was very rough. One way was illness – you had the flu and yet another double ear infection and we had to bring you to the doctor several times for antibiotic injections. Needless to say, we will be seeing ORL soon. The other way was sleep. We finally decided it was time for a little tough love and used the cry it out approach. It was not cold turkey and it is an ongoing process. We do go in periodically to check on you when you are having a screaming fit. And after midnight, I am still feeding you since you are not night weaned yet. We’ll have to drop that soon so we are working on getting you to eat more during the day. You fall asleep on your own when you first go down at night very well – no tears tonight! The middle of the night is still a work in progress. As are naps – they are still short but we let you fall asleep on your own. You definitely protest those pretty hard.

Sonora Eight Months 016

In the eating department, nursing is still your favorite. This past month, when I got sick, my supply dropped dramatically and we had to break into our freezer stash and used a lot up. So we are supplementing formula here and there when I don’t pump enough now. It takes some stress off and in reality you probably only get a formula bottle once every 2-3 days. We’re still doing baby led weaning. You tried a lot of new things this past month but still aren’t that into eating. You are very engaged for a few bites and then you just want to play with the food or lose interest. I’ve tried to sneak in some purees where I feed you but you will not let me feed you since you started right off feeding your self. Your pincher grip is getting better so hopefully that will help? I’m not sure what to do here but am trying not to stress and just give you many opportunities and options to eat. You seem to have developed more of a taste for yogurt. You really like pears and we gave you toast fingers with avocado spread on them the other day and loved that. You very much loved pesto chicken burgers and carrot/zucchini/apple muffins.

Sonora Eight Months 014

We love what a force you are these days – always wanting to be part of the action. It has been especially fun this month to see how much you are loving your daddy. You get so excited when he gets home from work! You still have to compete with big sister for attention but you sure do a good job and seem to be succeeding. We love you Sonnybuns!

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