Sonora Beverlie: Nine Months

Dear Sonora,

Today you are out as long as you were in! In theory at least…you did try to hang out in the womb as long as possible and were 10 days late so I suppose we technically have 10 more days until that milestone.

We had a pretty awesome last month. You are picking up new things so quickly! I think you started waving or clapping towards the end of 7 months and now you are proficient at both of those things. I love how as soon as anyone says “clap hands” or sings “If You’re Happy and You Know It” you immediately have to stop whatever you are doing to smile and clap. You also do “so big” which is so cute. You are now crawling! I think it is official. You can get from sitting to crawl position like a pro. You get up on all fours and rock back and forth but to move forward you get down and do the army crawl. I’m pretty sure you will have the crawl mastered by the end of the week though.

We finally have you on a schedule. You nurse 4-5 times per day, eat 3 meals, and take 2 naps most days. Since we figured out that you were doing most of your eating overnight, we nipped that in the bud. We finally made progress with crying it out too and now you go to sleep on your own so well. You slept through the night for a week straight, got your first 2 teeth (!) so you had a few rough nights, then a bad cold, so more rough nights. I am happy to report you recovered quickly though and are back to sleeping well in your bed with maybe one quick wake-up. Such huge progress!

You are such a problem solver. I love to watch you work through a challenge and find a way to make it work for yourself. One example – you could not pick up banana pieces because they were slippery, so you started lapping them up like a puppy dog! You do that a lot now. It is hysterical.

One of your favorite things is the tub. You sit in the tub like a big girl now and get SO excited as soon as you are naked. Thankfully, this translated to enjoying the pool at your first swim lesson. You loved taking everything in and did not cry at all!

Mommy has big news too this month…I quit my job! Since coming back from leave, it has been a big stress on the family even though we could not have had a better schedule and such a wonderful babysitter. We have spent weekends just preparing for the week ahead and not enjoying. Mommy was always so stressed just getting from day to day and the additional stress of work. After being sick for all January and also having no vacation time, combined with very little take home pay after childcare is paid, it was time to take a pause for a bit. My last day is the end of March just before we leave for St. John. We are so sad to not get to see Pam so much, but thankfully she lives next door so hopefully we still see her a lot. I can’t wait to spend more time with my sweetie-pies in the months to come and being more involved with our community.

As I mentioned, we have a big month ahead! Your first big trip and airplane ride is just around the corner. We can’t wait! Well… hopefully the flight is not a disaster for our fellow passengers…

Thank you for continuing to be such a joy to take care of! We just love how you fit into our family and make us laugh and smile. You are just too darn cute for words!