Sonora Beverlie: Ten Months

Dear Sonora,

The last month was such a big month for you! You went on your first plane ride, you cut several new teeth, you learn new tricks everyday and you can get wherever you need to go. You are indeed mobile so some serious baby-proofing is happening at our house!

We are amazed at your understanding this month. You understand so many words. When we ask if you want to read books, you get so very excited. You know where the fan is and point to it. You love to clap hands, kick feet, wave, and touch your nose and understand all those words! You can also sign “more” and “all done”.

As we mentioned – you get anywhere crawling. Mostly you want to walk though. You can pull yourself up sometimes but do not have the balance yet. We hold your hands to let you walk and when we stop, you get so angry and throw your head back and scream in a but of a tantrum. This past month you also learned how to get from laying to sitting.

As a result of this newfound freedom and all these motor skills you are acquiring, sleep is rough at night. You wake yourself up sitting or standing before you are actually even awake. You must be practicing in your sleep. Oddly enough, your naps have improved by leaps and bounds! You take two naps now-one is usually an hour and the other over an hour and a half and you have even taken a few two hour naps!

You are still not that interested in food but your chewing is improving. Must be all those teeth! You have 2 bottom teeth, one top fang and just cut the other 3 top teeth. You did eat butternut squash lasagna a few nights in a row earlier in the month and loved that. You also seem to enjoy grilled cheese and blueberries.

One of our favorite things you do this month is when we are reading Bright Baby Animals and we get to the kitty cat page-you always give the kitty cat a big kiss! Sometimes the guinea pigs and the bear get kisses- but always the kitty cat. You and your sister are crazy cat ladies.

Now that you are mobile, the sibling rivalry is definitely more present. Once you crawled up to Isla and snatched a toy from her. You are almost as big as she is so she can’t push you around as much anymore. Sometimes you giggle and play so well together though.

You were an awesome little traveler on our trip to St. John. You go with the flow so well and loved the water and the beach. That trip deserves a big post of its own as soon as we find the time to go through a thousand pictures or so!

There is so much more that I can write and I think I will have more and more now that I get to spend all day with you and your sister. We think the next month will bring first steps!

Lots of love to our sweet, loud, and full-of-fun little firecracker!