Sonora Beverlie: Eleven Months


This time last year I was counting down the days to my maternity leave It is unimaginable that a year has passed. For both pregnancies,that month leading up to our meeting is so clear in my mind. I’m sure I will be reflecting on it a lot in the coming days.

You had another big month where your personality was flourishing! Just over the last few days, you have really found your voice and are trying out all sorts of new sounds. You will try some new sounds and then launch into one of your grunts which is hysterical. You kind of say the following words: hi, mama, Isla, papa, kitty. You point at things you want and say this (dis).

You are not walking yet but I think it will happen before your first birthday. You want to so badly! You are using push toys now but still need someone to help you so the toy doesn’t get too far ahead.

Other tricks you have are blowing kisses and blowing air at your daddy.

You love Small Singers and Shakers. You wave, clap your hands, crawl around and just love to watch Miss Stacy. Everyone comments on how social you are.

You turned into a champion eater over the last month. You are having three square meals and a snack or two in addition to nursing and one bottle of formula at night. You growl happily when you love something you are eating and yell at me if I don’t keep it on your plate fast enough. We realized you just need to feed yourself. You are too independent for us to feed you. You love yogurt pouches, frozen yogurt drops, puffs, blueberries, watermelon, peas, hamburgers (haha), chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, pears, black beans, any cheese, and zucchini muffins.

Sleep is still a work in progress. You take two naps per day and are inconsistent with that. I can usually plan on one 1.5 hour nap but it varies day to day if that will be the morning or the afternoon.  You get really cranky heading into dinner time and then you are ready for bed by 6:30. We hold you up until 7 and then you wake a few times in the night, usually putting yourself back to sleep. If you need someone to come in and lay you back down and reassure you, that is daddy’s job. Your crying escalates if mommy goes in. You like to poop in the middle of the night and that is a pain for everyone. When you wake up around 3, you can usually get back down with some fussing and help from daddy. Anything after 4 though and mommy needs to get you – typically this wake-up is around 4:45. We snuggle in bed while you eat and 25% of the time, you go back to sleep. It is rough when you don’t. This is our biggest complaint about you!

I am having so much fun staying home with you and Isla! It also makes our weekends with daddy so much  more fun since we don’t have to worry about preparing you and Isla for the week ahead. We play a lot at home and go outside a lot. You love the swings so much and being pushed on your bike. You also love the park. I love watching you experience new things because you are not shy about anything and ready to jump right in.

Your big sister continues to adore you. She can be somewhat aggressive about her love, but it is all out of love that she squeezes you and jumps on you. Your relationship is so cute to watch. You must speak a language of your own because there are times where you are both giggling so loud and I have no idea why.

In one month you will be 1! Such a big girl! It really baffles me how a year can fly so fast. We can’t wait to celebrate your first year!

St. John 2017

Back at the beginning of April we went to St. John with Mimi, Papa, Auntie Kristen, Uncle Dana, Auntie Elle, Parker, and Rhys. It is one of our all-time favorite vacation spots. Erik and I had been two times prior and never with kids. Kids made it a very different kind of trip!

We had perfect weather for all but one day, excellent company, and well, paradise! The girls were great travelers. It was a lovely time with family. While words can’t do the trip justice, the pictures below do show quite a lot!


IMG_20170403_084621.jpg IMG_20170403_094748.jpg IMG_20170403_100451.jpg IMG_20170403_220136.jpg IMG_20170404_064854.jpg IMG_20170404_064856.jpg IMG_20170404_094811.jpg IMG_20170404_104304.jpg IMG_20170404_104305_1.jpg IMG_20170404_110232.jpg IMG_20170404_114711.jpg IMG_20170405_111847.jpg IMG_20170405_111919.jpg IMG_20170405_112022.jpg IMG_20170405_112041.jpg IMG_20170405_113909.jpg IMG_20170405_175111.jpg IMG_20170405_175120.jpg IMG_20170405_175118.jpg IMG_20170405_175121.jpg IMG_20170405_175127_1.jpg IMG_20170405_180416.jpg IMG_20170405_181743.jpg IMG_20170406_060542.jpg IMG_20170406_061438.jpg IMG_20170406_103748.jpg IMG_20170406_103834.jpg IMG_20170406_105337.jpg IMG_20170406_110449.jpg IMG_20170407_153055.jpg IMG_20170407_153106.jpg IMG_20170407_153114.jpg IMG_20170407_153120.jpg IMG_20170407_153323.jpg IMG_20170407_174417.jpg IMG_20170408_071849.jpg IMG_20170408_071855.jpg IMG_20170408_071903_1.jpg IMG_20170408_100820.jpg IMG_20170408_185629.jpg IMG_20170408_185646.jpg IMG_20170409_093541.jpg IMG_20170409_141102.jpg IMG_20170409_163136.jpg IMG_20170409_163139.jpg IMG_20170409_204845.jpg IMG_20170409_214225_742.jpg IMG_20170410_090639.jpg IMG_20170410_090646.jpg IMG_20170410_090733.jpg IMG_20170410_090734.jpg IMG_20170410_144949.jpg IMG_20170411_061329.jpg IMG_20170411_082438.jpg IMG_20170411_082447.jpg IMG_20170411_082743.jpg