Sonora Beverlie: Twelve Months

Dear Nunu,

Happy Birthday to our littlest love!

First your updates – you are not walking yet bit you are so close. You are a champ these days with toys that you can push but by far, your favorite thing to push is Isla in the cozy coop. It works out so well for both of you because Isla steers it so you don’t bump into walls and you both giggle uncontrollably.

You found your dance moves this month so clearly you take after me. Any time you hear music you must dance! It cracks us up. Another thing that cracks us up is your laugh – you have a belly laugh reserved mostly for Isla,  but then you have this deep laugh when you are doing you are not supposed to. And then you have another laugh which is your ham laugh when you know you are being funny. I remember Auntie Mikayla having the same laugh.

You say “Mama” a lot and we think you say “cat” and “duck” and sometimes hi.  You definitely say “this”. We’re working on Isla – you definitely point to her when we ask where she is. You love pointing – pointing at what you want, pointing in response to our questions like where is your nose, ears, piggy toes – and you understand so much of what we say.

You love to jump on the trampoline and are pretty good at it! You can get up so fast and love to bounce. You can’t get air yet but you are close. Other things you like to do is climbing onto the fireplace, going outside, playing at the water table – and you play so well on your own. You also love just sitting and looking at books. Your favorites are any book with Elmo, The Goodnight Book with the little girl who you think is Isla, Mr Brown Can Moo Can You, and the Alphaprints books.

You are eating a lot more these days but you need to be feeding yourself, we can’t help. So hopefully you figure out utensils soon. You love daddy’s cheerios from his bowl. Watermelon remains a favorite. You are doing good with some more interesting things like curry chicken meatballs. I made a new marinara sauce recipe recently and you loved that although you don’t generally enjoy pasta. Fruit is the sure hit but you so want to eat bigger pieces like we do. We have to watch what we feed you though because you are constipated. So much that we just put you on the potty to help since it is easier than your diaper and you pooped on the potty 7 or 8 times this month and even peed once.

Sleep continues to be terrible. You wore us down after a month of cry-it-out not working and we gave up again. Now you wake up 3 times per night so we are debating what our next thing to try is. Nothing really soothes you so much as breastfeeding which is still going strong. When I run out and you have not seen me in a period of time, as soon as I get home you scream until I pick you up and then demand to be nursed by pointing to my chest and saying “this”. You say it in such a matter-of-fact way. I had hoped to start the weaning process soon but I don’t think we will for a bit longer. To compare, I nursed your sister for 14 months.

I thought your sister’s first year flew by but I am still somewhat stunned that it has really been 365 days since you were born. It was a busy year that I will remember fondly. I feel bad I could not give you the undivided attention your sister had as an only child, but we did have many special moments and the moments we shared with your sister were beyond our dreams. Me and daddy are both so happy that you have each other and it is so fun to watch your relationship blossom.

You are such a sweet little girl. You are loud and social and always up for an adventure. You are confident and independent but still need the reassurance of your mommy and your daddy. In this way you are so sensitive and it melts my heart when you reach for me.  I bottle up those moments and hold them so dear to my heart.

Look how much you changed along the way!

Thank you for finding your way to us Nunu-pie! Life is so much fuller with you here.

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