Adalie Celeste: Three Months

Dear Adalie,

Yesterday we closed out the fourth trimester! I’d say it was our best yet šŸ™‚ You really came alive over the last month and went from a sleepy newborn to a round smiley baby who is ready to soak up all this thing called life is about.

You quickly grew out of your 3 month clothes and are already filling out your 6 month clothes. You weigh about 14 lbs.

You are an excellent night sleeper. Most nights you are sleeping 10 hours. If you do wake before that, you have a quick feed and are right back down. You go to bed around 8 now which is right after your big sisters. We moved you from the bassinet to the crib in our room and from the swaddle to the sleep sack and you immediately adjusted with no issues. You really go with the flow which is what Momma needs! You even fall asleep for naps and bed by yourself most of the time. We need to work on naps. You are a cat napper but that seems normal and I’m sure you will consolidate naps over the next month or two.

You need to be entertained more now. You don’t love the Mamaroo again. You prefer your playmat so you can look at toys. We are trying to encourage you to hold your toys. You desperately want to put them in your mouth but can figure out quite how to hold them yet. You are also rocking tummy time on your boppy. You don’t tolerate that for too long but you are wowing us with how well you can hold your head up.

Isla continues to be one of your best buds. You have so many smiles for her. She likes to “babysit” you while I am busy doing something else and you are always so good for her.

You really are incredibly easy going. Anytime we are out and about you are content to just be doing what we’re doing. Our one challenge is that you also suddenly just want your mommy at night. This makes it hard for anyone else to hold you because you scream for them. I definitely love that you know who I am, but it does make bedtime really hard sometimes. It’s also difficult during the day when both you and Sonora want me to hold you. Poor Sonora gets very upset sometimes and cries and asks me to put down baby “Alowie” as she calls you. This breaks my heart.

You are still lukewarm on the pacifier but really love to chew on your hands. You are constantly blowing bubbles lately and your shirt is becoming soaked with drool.

Another thing you love this month are tubs. from the moment you get in the tub you do not stop kicking your feet.

I am so sad because all of a sudden we are no longer spending time just snuggling on the couch while you snooze. Not that I had that luxury too much this time around, but there is nothing like being trapped under a sleeping baby. What I considered to be my maternity leave is over and it is harder to let house projects be pushed aside. I can’t quite express how much I enjoy having a baby this time even though my time is spread so thin. It does make the passing of each milestone so bittersweet. You are such a joy and I love being your Momma!