Adalie Celeste: Six Months

Dear Adalie,

Happy half birthday to you! I really can’t believe you are halfway to turning one! This month you became a handsy, busy baby who clearly can’t wait to be able to try and keep up with her big sisters!

I feel like we are on our way towards being mobile. this month you learn how to roll from your back to your belly but forgot how to roll from your belly to your back. it’s funny how you roll onto your belly while you are playing on the floor but you have not once attempted to roll in your crib.

This past week you found your voice and are babbling constantly. You are trying all sorts of new sounds and making sure that you make yourself heard. I don’t think you will have your sisters doing all the talking for you.

You continue to have just the sweetest demeanor and are rarely fussy. If there is enough going on to entertain you, you are happy. There usually is plenty! On your first Thanksgiving, we went to Auntie Jane’s house. we were the first to arrive and the last to leave. You hung out the whole time and were so happy. the weekend prior we celebrated Thanksgiving at Auntie Mikayla’s house and you were also the best behaved baby there.

This month you have some really big smiles for your daddy. You join in the excitement when he comes home from work.

We slowly started food over the last two weeks. You were not a fan at first and wouldn’t even close your mouth when I put a little bit on this phone and tried to feed you. You didn’t know what to do and mostly spit it out. A week in and you are much more open to eating. We only feed you once a day and you only take a few spoonfuls, but we’re on our way to getting you to eating what the rest of us eat. Isla loves being able to feed you. It is also such a big way she can help mommy.

Sleep on the other hand has not gone well. You are using mommy as a human pacifier and getting up every 45 minutes. we are pretty exhausted so we made the tough decision to sleep train this week. We were two days and now and have already seen improvement in naps. You’re falling asleep pretty quickly at night but are crying quite a bit in the middle of the night still. I expect that to improve over the next two nights. I’m also working on night weaning you so it is definitely difficult for us. I think ideally I would get you down to one feeding a night where you could then fall asleep quickly.

We are now entering your first Christmas season! You came with us to pick out our Christmas tree. We are so happy you are here to join in all the family fun!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you picked me to be your Momma. You are the best little sidekick. I love you so much!