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Adalie Celeste: Two Months

Dear Adalie,

I’m fairly certain the past two months flew by faster than they did with your sisters! We are so busy all the time merely because your sisters are at such a busy active stage. I treasure our quiet moments together when we can snuggle and you nurse. I’ve even enjoyed our middle of the night feedings when we catch some time just you and I since you must share my attention so much.

You love to eat and are growing so much. You weigh 12.5 pounds. As much as you love to eat, you are quite kind to your mama and try to do all of your eating during the day. You are sleeping very well! You typically go to bed between 8:30 and 10 and then sleep until 3 or 4. After a quick feeding you are back to sleep again. Often you are a bit restless for the second stretch, but you usually figure out how to put yourself back to sleep and tend to stay asleep for another 1.5-3 hours. Mommy is getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night and that is great! I know all of that can change with a sleep regression but for now we are enjoying this.

When you are awake you are a very happy baby. You are so much more aware of everything going on now and just like to observe. You very rarely fuss and if you do, you are either hungry or want your pacifier. Big sister Isla is very good at giving you your pacifier when you need it.

You had your first family vacation this month. You were the best little traveler and totally went with the flow.

You really started smiling this month! It totally melts mommy’s heart when you give me a huge smile. The other person you really smile for is for Isla. It is so sweet to watch you both interact. I think you brace yourself when Sonora comes your way because she is still working on being gentle.

On your 2-month birthday, you also giggled for Mommy! It was such a sweet sound and I can’t wait to hear more giggles!

I just love being your mama sweet girl. Thank you for choosing me!

Adalie Celeste: One Month

Dear Adalie,

Hurray! You are one month old today! You have been such a sweet and easy baby so far. You rarely fuss – only when you want to nurse or be held. Both of which, you love. For being so young, you are sleeping decently and falling into a lose schedule as you spend more time being awake each day. At night, I usually get a 3.5-4 hour stretch of sleep followed by 2.5-3 more hours. That feels luxurious after the first few weeks of hourly wakeups.

I didn’t think nursing was going particularly well at the beginning because your latch was a bit lazy. You’ve definitely gotten better and you are gaining weight so I think it is working itself out. I’d say breastfeeding was the hardest at the beginning this time around but I’m so lucky that we haven’t had any major issues.

Your sisters absolutely adore you and want to hold you all the time. Isla has especially been such a sweet big sister. When you are hanging out on your boppy pillow, Isla loves to stare at you and talk to you. You just stare back and seem very content. Sonora has had a tougher adjustment and likes to test momma by acting out when I am nursing you. Hopefully that will get better in the next few weeks. Just so we can look back and remember, and just like when Sonora came home from the hospital, Isla got very scared walking down the stairs and needs someone to hold her hand. I do hope that passes soon as well.

Being a third time Mom is so nice because I feel a bit less worried all the time. It is tough because I know you are my last baby and I just want to bottle up every moment and sit here staring at you. You are already getting so big and your infancy and life in general seem to be racing faster than I want it to. With your two big sisters, I also don’t have the time to just sit here and stare at you. When I’ve become emotional during this postpartum period, it’s because time is so very fleeting…

Your Great Nana on Mommy’s side of the family made the blanket in the photo. Auntie Barbara found it while she was cleaning out Nana and Papa’s house to sell it. It was perfectly preserved in a bag after 17 years and still in the process of being made. I’m so happy we have this connection to the past to add to your monthly photos. I’d like to think that she was making it for you.

Thank you for choosing us to be your family sweet girl! Your second month will bring more family adventures and your first vacation to Ocean Park. Daddy goes back to work tomorrow – we are all sad about that and will need to find yet another new groove. It was so special having him home with us for so long.

Love, Momma

Sonora Beverlie: Twelve Months

Dear Nunu,

Happy Birthday to our littlest love!

First your updates – you are not walking yet bit you are so close. You are a champ these days with toys that you can push but by far, your favorite thing to push is Isla in the cozy coop. It works out so well for both of you because Isla steers it so you don’t bump into walls and you both giggle uncontrollably.

You found your dance moves this month so clearly you take after me. Any time you hear music you must dance! It cracks us up. Another thing that cracks us up is your laugh – you have a belly laugh reserved mostly for Isla,  but then you have this deep laugh when you are doing you are not supposed to. And then you have another laugh which is your ham laugh when you know you are being funny. I remember Auntie Mikayla having the same laugh.

You say “Mama” a lot and we think you say “cat” and “duck” and sometimes hi.  You definitely say “this”. We’re working on Isla – you definitely point to her when we ask where she is. You love pointing – pointing at what you want, pointing in response to our questions like where is your nose, ears, piggy toes – and you understand so much of what we say.

You love to jump on the trampoline and are pretty good at it! You can get up so fast and love to bounce. You can’t get air yet but you are close. Other things you like to do is climbing onto the fireplace, going outside, playing at the water table – and you play so well on your own. You also love just sitting and looking at books. Your favorites are any book with Elmo, The Goodnight Book with the little girl who you think is Isla, Mr Brown Can Moo Can You, and the Alphaprints books.

You are eating a lot more these days but you need to be feeding yourself, we can’t help. So hopefully you figure out utensils soon. You love daddy’s cheerios from his bowl. Watermelon remains a favorite. You are doing good with some more interesting things like curry chicken meatballs. I made a new marinara sauce recipe recently and you loved that although you don’t generally enjoy pasta. Fruit is the sure hit but you so want to eat bigger pieces like we do. We have to watch what we feed you though because you are constipated. So much that we just put you on the potty to help since it is easier than your diaper and you pooped on the potty 7 or 8 times this month and even peed once.

Sleep continues to be terrible. You wore us down after a month of cry-it-out not working and we gave up again. Now you wake up 3 times per night so we are debating what our next thing to try is. Nothing really soothes you so much as breastfeeding which is still going strong. When I run out and you have not seen me in a period of time, as soon as I get home you scream until I pick you up and then demand to be nursed by pointing to my chest and saying “this”. You say it in such a matter-of-fact way. I had hoped to start the weaning process soon but I don’t think we will for a bit longer. To compare, I nursed your sister for 14 months.

I thought your sister’s first year flew by but I am still somewhat stunned that it has really been 365 days since you were born. It was a busy year that I will remember fondly. I feel bad I could not give you the undivided attention your sister had as an only child, but we did have many special moments and the moments we shared with your sister were beyond our dreams. Me and daddy are both so happy that you have each other and it is so fun to watch your relationship blossom.

You are such a sweet little girl. You are loud and social and always up for an adventure. You are confident and independent but still need the reassurance of your mommy and your daddy. In this way you are so sensitive and it melts my heart when you reach for me.  I bottle up those moments and hold them so dear to my heart.

Look how much you changed along the way!

Thank you for finding your way to us Nunu-pie! Life is so much fuller with you here.

Sonora Beverlie: Eleven Months


This time last year I was counting down the days to my maternity leave It is unimaginable that a year has passed. For both pregnancies,that month leading up to our meeting is so clear in my mind. I’m sure I will be reflecting on it a lot in the coming days.

You had another big month where your personality was flourishing! Just over the last few days, you have really found your voice and are trying out all sorts of new sounds. You will try some new sounds and then launch into one of your grunts which is hysterical. You kind of say the following words: hi, mama, Isla, papa, kitty. You point at things you want and say this (dis).

You are not walking yet but I think it will happen before your first birthday. You want to so badly! You are using push toys now but still need someone to help you so the toy doesn’t get too far ahead.

Other tricks you have are blowing kisses and blowing air at your daddy.

You love Small Singers and Shakers. You wave, clap your hands, crawl around and just love to watch Miss Stacy. Everyone comments on how social you are.

You turned into a champion eater over the last month. You are having three square meals and a snack or two in addition to nursing and one bottle of formula at night. You growl happily when you love something you are eating and yell at me if I don’t keep it on your plate fast enough. We realized you just need to feed yourself. You are too independent for us to feed you. You love yogurt pouches, frozen yogurt drops, puffs, blueberries, watermelon, peas, hamburgers (haha), chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, pears, black beans, any cheese, and zucchini muffins.

Sleep is still a work in progress. You take two naps per day and are inconsistent with that. I can usually plan on one 1.5 hour nap but it varies day to day if that will be the morning or the afternoon.  You get really cranky heading into dinner time and then you are ready for bed by 6:30. We hold you up until 7 and then you wake a few times in the night, usually putting yourself back to sleep. If you need someone to come in and lay you back down and reassure you, that is daddy’s job. Your crying escalates if mommy goes in. You like to poop in the middle of the night and that is a pain for everyone. When you wake up around 3, you can usually get back down with some fussing and help from daddy. Anything after 4 though and mommy needs to get you – typically this wake-up is around 4:45. We snuggle in bed while you eat and 25% of the time, you go back to sleep. It is rough when you don’t. This is our biggest complaint about you!

I am having so much fun staying home with you and Isla! It also makes our weekends with daddy so much  more fun since we don’t have to worry about preparing you and Isla for the week ahead. We play a lot at home and go outside a lot. You love the swings so much and being pushed on your bike. You also love the park. I love watching you experience new things because you are not shy about anything and ready to jump right in.

Your big sister continues to adore you. She can be somewhat aggressive about her love, but it is all out of love that she squeezes you and jumps on you. Your relationship is so cute to watch. You must speak a language of your own because there are times where you are both giggling so loud and I have no idea why.

In one month you will be 1! Such a big girl! It really baffles me how a year can fly so fast. We can’t wait to celebrate your first year!

Sonora Beverlie: Seven Months

Sonora Seven Months 237

Dear Sonora,

You have been showing us your personality from day one, but I think this last month we really started to see that a major trait is that you are  loud! You want to be heard! You just love to scream, even if it is just a fun playful scream. If you are not screaming, you are blowing berries, or saying “Dadadadada” nonstop. Sometimes you are even trying some other sounds and it really sounds like you are saying “Hi” sometimes.”

Sonora Seven Months 234

You absolutely love playing with your toys and it is amazing how fast you pick up what to do with a toy and play with it purposefully. For example, for Christmas you got a toy that you use a hammer to hit balls with and they go down a series of chutes. You love to hit the balls and watch them go down, then pick up the balls. Once your sister took away the hammer and you just lost your mind. It was so funny – you turned red and started shaking and yelling. I can’t believe you already know to get mad when someone takes away a toy you were happily playing with. The sibling rivalry is starting already!

Other toys you like lately are the Zany Zoo or anything with a bead maze, toys that have pieces that you can spin, and anything silicon that you can gnaw on. I’m expecting to see teeth at any moment but I thought that starting at 6 months for Isla and her first tooth finally appeared at 14 months.

Sonora Seven Months 247

You started to eat table food this past month. We are skipping purees and giving baby-led weaning a try. So far you have tried: avocados (this was your first food), bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, meatballs, spaghetti squash, kiwi, peas, mango. I try to give you long pieces of these things that you can grab and gum. You can pick even the slippery things up so well. We can’t say that you have too much interest at this point. We try to offer you food once or twice a day right now and sometimes you bring a few pieces to your mouth, sometimes you just smoosh and play with it. Every so often you gum a piece off and then  spit it out. I’m not sure you have swallowed much at this point. I think your favorite thing so far has been the sweet potato. You also make classic baby eating for the first time faces with a lot of drama, shock and awe! You do like the social aspect of eating though and like to have something on your plate when we are all at the table, even if you aren’t really eating it yet.

Sonora Seven Months 231

We had a rough month sick-wise. We started off with your third double ear infection in a row and ended with the flu. We knew you were exposed so we were able to give you Tamiflu and it definitely reduced your severity so it could have been worse for you than it was. I do think you are working on another ear infection though.

What else happened this month? You enjoyed your first Christmas! There was a lot of excitement and you handled it so well. You also started sitting up so well on your own. You will stay seated for quite awhile and only topple from time to time. You are even starting to sit in the tub sometimes. Speaking of the tub, you love love love the tub and love to splash!

Sonora Seven Months 244

Thing you don’t like this month – getting your nose wiped, going into your room because you know it means it is time to sleep and you fight that like none other. Sleep continues to be a big issue – mommy doesn’t even want to talk about it. Let’s hope that changes this coming month. We know it won’t change without some tough love which we are dreading but also needing to try. We just can’t catch a break with sickness to be given the chance!

You who has always wanted nothing more than to be held are suddenly pushing us away when you see something you want to play with. I think this is more of your personality coming out as you can do more. You are wanting so bad to be independent and get out there and explore this world!

Sonora Seven Months 208

Sonora Beverlie: Six Months


Dear Sonora,

Happy Half Year Old! I can’t believe we have reached this milestone already. Your personality is really starting to shine and daddy, Isla, and I love how you fit in to our family. You sit with us like a big girl at the table for meals and are so involved in the discussions even though you can’t talk yet. You and Isla exchange giggles and screams and it makes mommy and daddy smile so big outside and in!


You have really discovered your tongue this month and love to talk to the ceiling with your tongue out whispering “dadada”. You still love to blow raspberries and often it is the first thing you start doing at 3 am and then when you wake for the day around 6. You are also starting to discover some new sounds like  “hhhh”. Sometimes it almost sounds like you are replying hi to us.


You have also finally figured out how to get your piggy toes into your mouth! As soon as we change your diaper your feet go right up and into your mouth. You also loooove being naked and giggle when we are getting you naked for tub time.


Tough stuff this past month were a diaper rash that won’t go away, (even though it doesn’t bother you) and sleep. Oh the sleep. It is not great. We are much better at reading your cues for needing to go to sleep before we pass overtired. We also realized that you need to moan yourself to sleep while we rock you pretty fast. One thing we just can’t get past is keeping you asleep. Some nights are better than others. We have a hard time with the nights where you wake up frequently (say every 10 mins) before settling in for a few hours and you need mommy or daddy to help you get back to sleep. Either way, we can pretty much count you to be snuggled up to mommy for the night after midnight. We are going to work on breaking this habit once we get through Christmas.


You love playing with your toys as long as you can gnaw on them.  You are very grabby lately and love reaching out and touching the pages of books when we read to you. We asked Santa for Pet the Bunny which we surprisingly don’t own. I think you are going to love touching the pages of that book. You still love your jumperoo and just go nuts from the moment we put you in until we take you out.


You are still a big girl at 16 lbs, 10 ozs. You already surpassed your sister’s one year old weight and are now within 9 lbs of her. I think in a year you may be the same size!


We were going to start food this week, but you are on antibiotics because of another ear infection so we are going to wait until we stop those so we don’t get any side effects confused with potential food issues. We think you are going to like to eat!

We can’t wait to celebrate your first Christmas with you next week!


Sonora Beverlie: Five Months



You are such a big girl! You sit at the table in the clip chair, can roll over both ways  now, and are such a little jumping bean in your jumparoo. In fact, you think you can bounce on everything now when we hold you standing up which is quite the arm workout for mommy and daddy. You can also hold toys now and love to chew on teethers. I often wonder if you are teething.


You are so aware of everything. So much so that you don’t want to miss anything which makes naps and sleep in general pretty tough. I think you hit the 4 month sleep regression. You much prefer to sleep snuggled up to me than in your crib. We moved the crib into our room to work on it and it is getting a bit better now that you can roll and get comfortable. We hope sleep improves soon or we may be crying it out next month.


You had your first real sickness this month and it seems like the cold just won’t go away. You ended up with a double ear infection and a nasty rash which may be from amoxcil. We had to switch to a different antibiotic since you may be allergic. You were a pretty good patient though.


One of your favorite people continues to be big sister Isla! You both make each other laugh so hard. You love to take tubs together. You are always observing your big sister and I can just tell that you want to get in there and start playing together. When you sit with us at the dinner table, you guys just giggle at each other like you have your own inside joke.


You just love to nurse still. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy our snuggle nursing sessions. I will say nursing is becoming more…interesting. Sometimes there is too much going on around so you can’t focus or you are so active now that you know you have hands and are constantly flailing them around. Other times you like to bite hard on my nipple. I don’t like that so much. We’ll keep it going though. We are almost at the 6 month mark!


You are even more of a chatterbox these days. When I am on the phone, you start talking to the phone too. You are making so many different cooing sounds. At night in your bed, sometimes you wake up and just start talking to yourself. We love hearing your little voice.


We keep saying that your babyhood is going by so much faster than Isla’s.  Thankfully every stage is so fun, but it makes mommy sad that you won’t be little forever. Already you are going to  be starting food next month. Really, how did that happen? We are also getting into the fun holiday season which we can’t wait to share with you!


Sonora Beverlie: Three Months


Dear Sonora,

Just one year ago from September 18th, you were implanted in my belly.  Now here we are in a flash and you are already three months old!


In a month you once again grew by leaps and bounds. You are probably about 14 pounds now. To compare, Isla was 15 pounds at one year old. You are starting to reach for the mobile on the Mammaroo and are starting to hold a toy when I put it in your hand. You are trying so hard to try and get things in your mouth and often have your whole fist in there, drool pouring down. We are pretty sure you are going to roll over any day now! You try so hard. You also push yourself around your play mat with your strong legs.


You are a poor napper – we usually only get little cat naps throughout the day but you are such a good night sleeper. You are still in the pack n’ play in our room because you sleep so well in there and we can control the room temperature better until the nights are more predictable. You get up somewhere between 3 and 5am for the quickest of comfort feedings and it is back to sleep. The only way you will sleep is with your head turned left and face right against the side of the pack n’play. Good thing it is mesh so you can breath. If we put you down in a different position, you will wiggle your way over.


You love the bath tub and kick your feet the whole time soaking whoever is bathing you. We think you  may be our little fishy.


You continue to be a smiley happy baby – especially in the morning. That is when you giggle most and are so chatty. Lately, Isla chats with you and you laugh so much at her. It really melts our hearts to see your sister relationship start to blossom. You love it when we play patty cake with your hands or do “mon ush” on our faces.


Mommy went back to work and Pam started babysitting you. You are so good for Pam and I am so happy with how things are working out. You always took the bottle but we switched bottle types and you seem to do better with the Dr. Browns bottles now. After Mommy has worked for the day, all you want to do is nurse for an hour. I am quite happy to snuggle during this time.


Plans we have this coming month are to get you on more of a schedule with napping and to introduce you to all the fun of our favorite time of year – the fall!



Sonora Beverlie: Two Months

Dear Sweet Sonora,

You are two months old! We spent the first month cleaning  spit-up and getting to know what your shrill little cry meant and the second month completely enjoying your company. Not that we didn’t enjoy the first month, but there was a lot of newborn worrying to deal with. Lately we have been able to follow your cues and learn how easy going you are!

You just love attention and being held. You smile and chat with anyone who will talk to you. You also love smiling at the ceiling fan and at the ugly sconce that mommy hates above your changing table. You started giggling this month and have the biggest giggles for mommy so far. I’m sure that will change and all the giggles will go to Isla soon.

You are still a good eater and a great sleeper! Mommy especially thanks you for that as I don’t feel so sleep deprived. This past week you slept through the night 4 times and 3 of them were in a row! You are not really on a nap schedule yet. Sometimes you sleep all day and other times you won’t nap at all and then get really overtired so it is hard to get you to go back to sleep.

You are a fantastic errand buddy. You are so good in your carseat and love being worn through the grocery store. It is just so easy to take you places. You even went on your first vacation and were just the perfect angel. We had to change some of our plans of what we would normally do since you can’t wear sunscreen yet, but it was nice to get away as a family and you made it quite easy for mommy and daddy.

Your sister has finally adjusted to having you around. She just adores you and gets very territorial when other people go near you or want to hold you. All days she asks, “Isla hold baby?” She also calls you Nono, so we all call Nono. Or Sono. Or Sonnybuns. You are just so lucky that you get all the kisses now. Isla has no more kisses for mommy and daddy, just baby.

You weigh 12.5 pounds and you are so long. You sister didn’t weigh that until 8 or 9 months old. You are wearing clothes that she wore the summer after she was born! Please slow down this growing thing. It makes mommy feel like the time is just slipping away too fast and before we know it, you will be keeping up with Isla. Speaking of time passing quickly, mommy goes back to work in 2 weeks. I’m very sad about this but the return will be gentle on us all. Mommy is going back only for 24 hours per week and she will be working from home! Pam who lives next door will be watching you. She seems like she will be lovely and you will get lots of one on one attention. Also, when mommy misses you I can just pop downstairs for a kiss.

Thank you for introducing us to your very sweet personality! We have loved this second month and are interested to see what the next one brings!


Sonora Beverlie: One Month


Dear Sonora,

Happy one month! Already the three of us cannot remember life without you as part of our family. Even your sister, who was so skeptical of you at first, just adores you. The first person she wants to see when she wakes up in the morning and gets home from school is you. She asks to hold you and does not stop giving you kisses. She rarely kisses mommy and daddy these days and saves them all up for “Nowwa” or “NoNo”. She always lets us know that you are her baby.


You have been such a good eater! You have a one month check-up next week and we think you are around 11 lbs already! You love to nurse until you overeat and then spit up epic amounts. We are working on smaller more frequent feedings during the day which seems to help but we can usually count on a soaker once per day. At night you cluster feed before bed but then you are so kind to mommy and usually let me sleep from 11-3ish and are back to sleep for another 2-3 hours after a quick small feed.


You love to be held – especially in the morning and the evening when you are a bit fussy. We think that is when you eat so much that you get a belly ache. We are more than happy to hold you and just stare at you. You wanted to be held in the night too but are getting better about sleeping in your co-sleeper.


The month has been fast of course but because you are so big and because you smile with purpose so much, you seem so much older! I’ve never seen a baby who smiles this much so soon. You also giggle in your sleep. We wish we knew what was cracking you up so much but we have a feeling it is your BFF Isla.


Being the second born, you are definitely your own little person already but it is hard not to compare you to your sister. You are much bigger than she was – at one month you are about the size she was at 6 months. You must be such an efficient eater. It takes you half the time that it took your sister which is good because we don’t always have 40 mins before we need to run to the next activity. You do not look alike now, but when I look back on pictures of Isla at one month, you look so much alike. You’re even getting the receding hairline as you start to lose all the hair on the top of your head. When I am nursing you, sometimes your mannerisms exactly manner Isla’s and I am immediately brought back in time 2.5 years.


You still have a screechy cry when you are displeased with something. Right now, those things seem to be – hunger, a really dirty diaper, when someone moves your position but you were happy and comfortable, and belly aches. Speaking of dirty diapers, you are the queen of blowouts!


Thank you for being so mobile! Since it is summer and your sister is so active, we are getting out so much more than we did with her as a newborn. You have just gone with the flow and have been so easy!


I have to say, before we met, mommy was so nervous about having two kids. It’s true what they say – my heart doubled the day you were born and I often find myself overwhelmed with love for you. I am so enjoying our time together as a family and the alone time that we sneak in when Isla is at school. I know you are probably our last child and just how fast this special newborn time goes so I am doing my best to commit every curve of your face and sweet newborn smell to my memory. If only we could slow down time…


For your second month of life we have our first family vacation planned! Cape Cod with mommy’s side and Maine with Daddy’s. We can’t wait!