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Isla Mary: Eleven Months

Isla 11 Months 064

Dear Isla,

You are just 1 month shy of your first birthday! Mommy keeps replaying a year ago in my head and thinking of all the things that Daddy and I did to prepare for you. We were so incredibly excited to meet you and not I can’t believe that here we are with such a happy, giggly, sweet little person on our hands – who is almost 1!

This month I think you are starting to understand what we are saying to you. When I say “Where’s Dada?” you start to look for your favorite guy. Speaking of Dada – you really started getting chatty this month and Dada is one of your favorite sounds to babble.

Isla 11 Months 060

You started to be a real monkey lately. I can’t put you down without you immediately crawling away from where I put you. Your signature move is to crawl around the house with 2 toys in your hand. Typically a ring and a plush fish toy. If we turn around for a second you bolt right for the tv stand to take off all the DVDs (so we installed doors) or for the cat food.

In the past week you started pulling up a bit – you can’t quite get to your feet yet, but you get up on your knees or try and crawl all over some of your toys or boxes.

Isla 11 Months 076

You started blowing raspberries a few months ago and then stopped for a bit. Now you blow raspberries when you are mad or to get people’s attention. I love that when I start, you copy me right away. You think you are so funny and I have to say that I agree.

You were sick for the entire month of September. The flu was closely followed by a nasty cold that will not go away. Since you cough yourself awake, it has been a rough month for sleep. Hopefully when you are better we can swiftly get back on track. You have become a pro at letting mommy and daddy suction boogers from your nose. We are hoping you will clear up one of these days.

Isla 11 Months 088

So Isla – what is the deal with refusing your bottle all day at daycare? We are still trying to get you to gain some weight since your weight percentile slipped to the 4th percentile and this whole not drinking all day thing is not helping! Thankfully you remain a good eater! We think the issue at daycare is that your friends are around and you just want to play. There are just so many things to do and you don’t want to miss out.

You graduated to the big tub this month! We still have not put the baby tub away – mommy might cry when we do that. You are growing up too fast. Mommy feels a constantly battle of being so proud and excited for all of your milestones but also so sad to leave the infant days behind. I have a feeling that this will be the case for your entire childhood.

Isla 11 Months 082

Well our next monthly update will be our last monthly! We will have gone through all of your stickers – ticking away each month. I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday in a month sweet girl!

Love, Mama

Isla 11 Months 062

Isla Mary: Ten Months

Isla 10 Month 023

Dear Isla,

We sure have a ten month old on our hands! You have changed so much this month. You suddenly do not stop moving. You started crawling – well you do the most adorable army crawl and can scoot around pretty quickly.  You started waving. You are being a little piggy with solid foods. Still no teeth though!

Isla 10 Month 084

This month you also gave mommy and daddy a huge scare when you had your first fever. It spiked so high that we woke up to hearing you scream and when we ran into your room, you were having a seizure. So you had your first ride in an ambulance. Can this first also be a last please? You ended up testing positive for the flu and it felt like we battled that fever forever. You were the best little patient though and just wanted mommy and daddy close by for snuggles.

Isla 10 Month 102

I’d say that your favorite food right now is yogurt. If we want you to eat some fruit before the yogurt, we have to hide it otherwise you will keep nodding your head and focusing on the yogurt – willing it into your tummy. The whole time you eat it you make happy noises and then even cry when it is done! Mommy and daddy can’t eat in front of you anymore without sharing whatever we are having. You need to get a bit better at the whole chewing thing but we will keep practicing. I suppose that will be easier when you finally get some teeth.

Isla 10 Month 021

You still are not the best sleeper. You like to be up for long bursts of time in the night. We need to work on that. Some nights you only have one quick wake-up which makes mommy very happy. One night this month you slept through and mommy was hoping that trend would continue but it did not.

Isla 10 Month 077

You continue to love books and this month you were all about the flaps. It amazes me that you remember which way the flaps open on a page. You especially like the book “Baby Loves Winter” and your favorite page is the last one with baby’s mommy behind the pine tree with hot cocoa.

Isla 10 Month 053

Speaking of mommy, you started reaching for me this month and it melts my heart every time. You definitely have more separation anxiety as well. You started doing the shy eyes when a stranger talks to you – you put your head on my shoulder and give a shy smile. When I’m changing you on your changing table and then stand you up, you grab my neck and give me a big hug. If daddy walks in the room you giggle and hug harder because you know that tickles are coming.

Isla 10 Month 051

Daddy makes you laugh like no one else. You two are so silly together As soon as you hear his voice, you start laughing. It is incredibly cute.

Isla 10 Month 045

You still love daycare. I think you know we are there when we get out of the car because you get so excited. I am still sad most days that I don’t spend every day with you but I know how much fun you are having. Next week you move from the little baby room to the big baby room! We are a bit sad about this transition because we love your teachers, but the rooms are attached and you spend most of your time with the big babies anyway. You just love to socialize with all your friends.

Isla 10 Month 043

You always want to be moving which is pretty apparent in this months’ photo shoot. If I put you down on your back, you are immediately trying to get to your tummy. If we sit you on the floor, you are trying to get on your tummy. I love to watch you go from sitting to crawling position. When you first started trying to master this move, you would put your hands on the floor and start moving your arms forward and would eventually let your body fall and you would hit your head. You are a bit more graceful now. You just love playing on the floor in the living room with your toys and will often spend an hour or more just rolling around.

Isla 10 Month 038

You sure know how to get around the house – FAST. You want to go right for the cat food…or the cats. You try to chase them and they watch you approach and when you are almost to them, they run away. Sometimes mommy or daddy will chase you and you turn around and crack up – especially when we say, “I’m going to get you!”

Isla 10 Month 030

I can’t believe that a year ago from this week we were on our babymoon and anxiously awaiting your arrival. I mean seriously, I blinked, and now you are ten months old. I certainly cannot imagine my life before your gummy grin entered it. We are about to have a full-fledged toddler on our hands!

Isla 10 Month 029

Thank you for being the sweetest little angel and making mommy and daddy so happy!



Isla 10 Month 026

Isla 10 Month 021

Isla 10 Month 019

Isla 10 Month 010

Isla 10 Month 099



Isla Mary: Nine Months

Isla - 9 Months 098

Dear Isla,

You have been out in this world as long as you were in the womb now. My pregnancy seems so long ago, yet it seems way longer than the time you have graced us.

Today you had your nine month check-up. You continue to be a peanut weighing in at 14 pounds, 12 ounces. You are 25.8 inches long and are in the 5th percentile for weight and 3rd for height! We have to go back for a weight check in 6 weeks, but the NP was not concerned since you are still breastfed and are more mobile.

Isla - 9 Months 049

You are doing new tricks every week now! This week your big milestone is blowing raspberries. You make a silly face by curling your lower lip in when you do this. Last week your new trick was playing peekaboo! You love to play peekaboo using your towel after your bath and you even use toys throughout the day. It’s so funny to look over to see you holding something in front of your face and of course we have to say “where’s Isla?…Peekaboo!!!” You also love to yell for fun, especially when other kids are around. You start to ham it up to try and make friends. Sometimes you even babble to your new friends.

Isla - 9 Months 046

Perhaps mommy’s favorite thing you do this month is hugs and kisses. You get so excited when you see me that you reach for me and give me a big hug and some open mouth kisses! Daddy thinks we are ridiculous.

Isla - 9 Months 073

You aren’t crawling quite yet, but you don’t really need to because you can roll to wherever you want to go. You roll from one side of the room to the other and you can pivot on your tummy with the best of them.  You hate it when we try to prop you on your arms to try to crawl. I’m thinking that you may skip the crawl and go right to walking. You love to stand-up. You have loved to stand since you were only a few weeks old and could barely hold up your head. You can hang on to a piece of furniture to stand – you can’t pull yourself up, but you can balance. You also enjoy the assisted walk when we hold your hands and let you move forward. You are so squirmy that these photo shoots are getting more difficult!

Isla - 9 Months 059

You still love books and this month you are all about books that have flaps. You also like selecting your own book to read. If we have a pile of books and start reading but there is another book you prefer to read, you let us know. The other day you rolled over on daddy’s lap to get another book to read since the one he was reading apparently did not meet your whim.

Isla - 9 Months 084

You are such a social butterfly. You love going to daycare and crack a smile as soon as you see your new friends. You also love to nod your head at people. You get to do so many fun things like painting and water play. You adjusted quickly to the new daycare.

Everyone still remarks on your gorgeous eyes. Now that you are nine months old, I think they are to stay!

Isla - 9 Months 078

You are sleeping decently  – typically with one wake-up at 4:30 and usually it is a quick one to nurse and then you are back down until 6:30 or even 7. Since you are so tiny we will continue to let you nurse at night until you turn one. Speaking of eating, we are going to work on getting you to eat more table foods this month. So far you have not been a huge fan of textures. You have tried some scrambled  eggs though and were ok with that and are starting to do better with puffs. Tonight we will try some sweet potato baked fried and maybe some ground beef.

Isla - 9 Months 071

We are creeping to your first birthday- I just can’t believe it! It is such a cliche, but time sure flies. I just can’t tell you how much my love grows for you every day. I just want to gobble you up little sweet pea!

Love,  Mama

Isla - 9 Months 025

Isla Mary: Eight Months


Dear Isla,

We are 8 months in to getting to learn all about your fantastic personality. This month was all about that! You don’t stop smiling and moving and wanting to be social with us and anyone you meet. It is so fun to watch you become who you are.


You are becoming more mobile. You have no interest in crawling yet but you can certainly get around to where you want to go by rolling. Mommy and Daddy have to start battening down the hatches! Gone are the days that I can put you down somewhere and find you in the same spot. You have almost mastered sitting when you are in the mood to sit. We still need to make sure something is behind you so you don’t bump your head but you are getting there. You also started to figure out how to bounce in your bouncy seat with a little help from Daddy.  It still takes some encouragement but I bet you will be a little jumping bean in no time.


You are such a silly goose and love to show us and everyone you meet throughout your day your gummy smiles. You are really starting to ham it up and relish in the attention. You try to capture people’s attention by nodding. In fact, nodding your head is your favorite trick this month. I think you use this motion to get attention, gesture at an object you want and to mimic us back and forth because you think it is funny. We also call this the “what up dawg” move.


Just the other night you were so tired so I was going to skip your bedtime book. You starting nodding toward your bookcase. I thought you wanted my water because you just love drinking out of a big girl glass, so I moved my glass in hopes that you would relax. You kept nodding and would not settle down. I realized that you were calling me out on skipping your book! After reading one book you nodded at the bookcase again for another. You are so brilliant!


I think you are starting to get a bit of separation anxiety. We mostly notice this at night. Sometimes you really scream when we put you in your crib. Never when you are going to sleep for the first time – you are great at that – but if you get up in the middle of the night it happens. You really are a dream of a baby so I guess we can handle the difficult nights we have been having – can you work on that for mommy though?


I have to say that perhaps some of my favorite moments are when I see you after not having seen you for a bit. You know I am your mommy now and get incredibly excited – the legs start kicking and if you are on your back you usually start moving backwards. My heart melts every time and I love to take you in my arms and give you a big hug and millions of kisses. Kisses on that neck get some of your best giggles.


As the shirt says – you remain a Daddy’s girl. You love it when Daddy reads your Bear books and uses all his character voices. You also love all the songs he sings you. I am not sure who is more enamored with who but I do know that you have one of the best daddies out there!


You are still a peanut! We will see what you weigh at the end of the month but I think you are still pretty tiny. You are a decent eater – you love your dinner best. You usually have veggie purees for dinner and eat almost 2 full pouches now. You don’t eat as well for breakfast but that’s ok since you have usually filled up on milk beforehand.


We are so happy it is summer! You seem to enjoy going to the beach and all the social events that we have planned on weekends. If you skip a nap you are usually still in good spirits so thank you for being so easy and flexible.  Everyone continues to remark about your beautiful eyes and sweet personality. I still can’t believe on a daily basis that I get to be your Mama! Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life sweet pea!

Love, Mama


Isla Mary: Seven Months

7 Months 034

Dear Isla,

This week last year we learned that you were going to be a baby girl and here you are at seven months old. Have I mentioned that time has flown by?

Since you started solids, it seems like you always have breakfast on your nose. I think that I give you a good scrub in the morning, but prunes or peaches are always stuck all day! You seem to love eating your purees. You make lots of noise while we feed you but are pretty patient between bites. You like almost everything we give you except for avocado. You enjoyed that the first time but since then you have gagged whenever we tried it.

7 Months 048

This month you became a roly poly! You are a pro at going back and forth from your tummy to your back. When I put you in your crib at night you immediately roll onto your belly or way on your side to snuggle in.

7 Months 025

This week has been all about your feet. You finally figured out that you can reach them and it seems that there is always one in your hand – whether you are in your stroller, being changed, playing on your play mat and even nursing!

7 Months 050

You have also become much more generous with your giggles! Mommy and daddy both know how to get you going. You think it is hilarious when mommy shakes her head or when daddy gives you raspberries on your neck.

7 Months 040

You make so much noise lately! Not just giggles but also with your constant babbling. You are discovering so many new sounds lately and just want to keep chatting from the moment you wake up until you go to bed.

We think that you are ready to make friends with every little kid that you see. Your face lights up when you spot someone in the 1-9 year age range. You also continue to be empathetic. Just today your cousin Parker hit her head and was crying and you immediately teared up and were upset to see her cry.

7 Months 043

You love books so much. You actually start to giggle when I take certain books out. My favorite is Wherever you are my love will find you by Nancy Tillman. I can recite that one by heart. Your favorite is your alphaprint ABCs. I think we both like any book that rhymes. We read 5-10 books per day. This month you just love to turn the pages. I have to read some pages really fast or fight you to keep the page open sometimes.

Sleep has gotten better this month. While you are not sleeping through the night, we can count on only one wake-up now and even if you are not ready to fall right back to sleep, you toss and turn in your crib until you are ready. One glorious night you slept through the night.

7 Months 022

We love that it is getting nicer and we can go on walks. What will your 8th month bring? Swings, pools, the beach, BBQs – so much fun! You will also be starting a new daycare which deserves a post of its own.

To quote my favorite book – “you are my angel, my darling, my star…”

Love, Mama


Isla Mary: Six Months

6 months 076

Happy half birthday little angel!

In the last month you got so grabby. I don’t know why I had some internal anxiety about your lack of interest in grabbing at toys because now you are a pro. Your hands are so busy and you are starting to have purpose to what you want to hold and immediately gnaw on.  On that note, I’m pretty darn sure that you are teething right now. You drool nonstop and at times seem a bit in distress. You can’t stop biting anything that you can get your hands on.

6 months 070

My favorite is when you hold my hand while you are nursing. Your hands still want to be busy when you are eating so I learned that to calm you down I either need to be wearing a necklace that you can hold or give you my free hand. It is so cute how you grasp right on.

6 months 051

6 months 048

This month you discovered your feet and you can’t stop moving and kicking them. I find that you use your feet to show both excitement and irritability (especially in your car seat).

6 months 044

6 months 036

You are so giggly and reserve your best giggles for daddy. I don’t blame you because he is pretty witty and it is near impossible to fall prey to his charms. My heart just swells when I see you both playing together. Daddy gets so silly and you just can’t get enough. Watching your relationship has been so rewarding.

6 months 071

In the sleep department you are still inconsistent. Unless something is bothering you, you sleep decently, but still wake up enough that the fragmented sleep is catching up to mommy and daddy. I usually have to feed you once or twice and then if you don’t go right back to sleep, which seems to happen every other night, then we take turns rocking you or watching you on the monitor. Sometimes we can get away with leaving you to have quiet time in your crib, other times you are looking for someone to hang out with you from 3-5am. Technically you are sleeping through the night I guess – this is defined as 5-6 hours of sleep at once. You generally go to bed at 7 and get up between 1 and 3 for the first time. Sometimes I bring you into bed with us in the morning to squeeze out an extra hour of sleep so thank you for being so cuddly and open to this arrangement.

6 months 015

6 months 005

On your half birthday, you finally figured out how to roll over consistently to get out of tummy time. Before that you had rolled over a few times here and there. While on your tummy you can reach for toys now. You still have PT once a week for your torticollis. Your head tilt has immensely improved but we will still work you with the PT until it is completely gone.

fun time 034

fun time 033

fun time 036

Your personality is forming and shining more and more each day. Last week you started showing a bit of empathy when you started crying upon hearing your daycare friend Maggie cry. You rarely cry out so randomly like that so you were clearly bothered by hearing her in distress. You immediately stopped crying when she did. I can’t wait to see what other little character traits emerge over the next few months.

fun time 018

Everyone who meets you continues to be amazed by how easy-going and relaxed you are. I love my blue-eyed cutie to pieces!

fun time 046

*We did a two part photo shoot this month because the first round was not at your most cooperative time of day.


Isla Mary: Five Months

5 months 004

To my little Isla,

Today you are five months old! I think I have seen the biggest changes in you in the past month. You started the month still very much like a little newborn and have transformed into a babbling, giggling, smiling silly goose. I can’t get enough of your personality.

From the moment you wake up those big smiles start. I love how you are always sticking your tongue out too. We usually bring you in bed with us and you stare at daddy with an expectant smile, waiting for him to wake up.

5 months 009

You have been very observant since you were born, but you seem to really see the world around you this month. You discovered the kitties and love to watch them across the room. You get so excited when Siena comes close and have started to reach out to her. This usually freaks her out, but she is starting to come around and realize that your tiny hands may be a source of more pets. Both cats will definitely become fast friends when you start eating next month.

5 months 059

Speaking of eating, you are still nursing and breastfeeding well. You are getting more distracted when you eat though so I think you are making up for it by chowing down in the middle of the night. So far you have exclusively received breast milk. It is a lot of work to be a pumping working mama but we are so close to the 6 month mark! We have a trip to Wisconsin at the end of April and then will start introducing solids when we get back. I’m so excited to be introducing you to food in the spring and summer when the produce is so fresh and delicious!

5 months 064

You are still a little peanut weighing in at 12.5 pounds. You take after your mama in that regard. You are mostly wearing size 3-6 months for clothes though some of your 6 month stuff is still way too big.

You are doing so well with daycare. You still love the other kids. I hear that they make you giggle so much. It is so cute when I pick you up at the end of the day and the older kids tell me the new stuff you were doing. Everyone was very excited the other day that you were grabbing toys and putting them in your mouth. You are also getting used to napping amid the chaos. You needed still needed 4 naps a few weeks ago but recently dropped your evening nap and are starting to consolidate into longer naps.

5 months 057

We had a rough few weeks of sleep this past month after you were sick for a few days. During that time we created some bad habits and sleep associations. You were waking 6-10 times per night and needing some assistance to get back to sleep. We were all tired and cranky during this time. We ended up ditching the swaddle so that you could learn to self soothe and suck on your fingers (a favorite pastime). After you got over being out of the swaddle (mommy was pleasantly surprised that this only took 3 nights) we decided to make the controversial decision to try the “cry it out” approach to teach you to fall asleep on your own. Boy are we happy we did! It only took you one night to adjust and now we can put you down for bed and naps awake and you fall asleep on your own. You have never been a big crier and rarely scream (thank you!) so I think this went pretty well. Sometimes you fuss as you try to get comfortable but then you fall right to sleep.

5 months 044

When you are tired or want attention, you have an angry babble that you like to use. It is not a cry, but you are definitely trying to communicate that you are not happy. It is a protest of sorts. We find it kind of funny and cute.

5 months 040

You really love your toys and books these days. A few favorites are your singing flashlight, squeaky penguin, crinkly firefly and your activity triangle (for lack of a better term). Your favorite book right now is your “Alphaprint ABC” book. The animals are made with textured fingerprints. Your favorite page by far is the squirrel/toucan page. You love to reach out to the toucan. I also love how you are trying to turn pages now.

5 months 034

You rolled over stomache-to-back at 6 weeks old for the first time and continued to do so for a few weeks and then stopped. Finally you rolled over again last Sunday and did it again on Thursday. I guess tummy time made you mad enough that you figured it out. You seem so close to rolling over from your back as well. You get way on your side but can’t seem to figure out what to do with your hip and one of your arms.

5 months 031

You have the most beautiful blue eyes. They are so piercing and expressive and make you seem so wise. Sometimes I think you can see way down into my soul. Everyone remarks about how deeply blue they are. I wonder if they will start to change or if they will stay that way?

5 months 047

We are just longing for the warmer weather.  Wait until you can just hang out in a onesie instead of bundling up! Daddy and I have felt a little shorted that we have missed out on seeing your chunky thighs all winter. We have had a few nice days this month where we made it outside for a walk and you loved that. You are big enough to use your stroller now so get ready for spending a lot of time in there in the next few weeks. I can’t wait until we can walk and meet daddy at the T after work each night. There is lots of fun to be had ahead!

5 months 054

I could write for days about how much joy you bring to our lives. I think I can speak for daddy too when I say that you melt our hearts on a daily basis. Keep those smiles coming sweetie-pie!



Isla Mary: Four Months

Isla 4 Months 036

Dear Isla,

Another month of being completely in awe of you has flown right by. Everyday I still can’t believe that I get to be your mama! You are still the easiest, happiest baby. Whenever we are with anyone, they always remark at how sweet and good you are. You still don’t fuss very much. When I say you are fussy, others laugh because you still barely make a peep. I always have to amend my statement to say- she is being fussy for Isla.

Isla 4 Months 022

You really started to show your personality this month! You found your voice and love to babble at your toys. You also found your hands and feet. You get very distracted  by them. You just love to put both of your hands in your mouth now so they are usually slick with drool. Sometimes we call you drooley oolie. You are just starting to hold toys but still have not figured out how to put them in your mouth, though you are trying desperately.

Isla 4 Months 092 Isla 4 Months 090 Isla 4 Months 088

You love music -whether it’s mommy or daddy singing you a silly song, or your toys that light up and make noise. Music definitely gets some big smiles out of you. Speaking of smiles – you also started laughing this month. It is the cutest sound ever. We try really hard to get you to laugh.

Isla 4 Months 078

You continue to rock the sleep department. Most nights you sleep 10 hours straight. Occasionally you will wake up and fuss but the pacifier is enough to put you right back to sleep. When it is time to wake up in the morning, I know you are awake because you toss and turn  but you don’t cry. One of my favorite moments of the day is seeing your smile and your excited kicking feet when I come to get you out of your crib.

Isla 4 Months 075

You started off the past month by boycotting naps and refusing to nap in the crib. I’m very glad we worked through that and you are back to 3-4 naps a for a total of 4-5 hours napping per day in your crib or pack n’ play. We realized that we need to put you in your swaddle sacks like we do at night. If you are not swaddled, you rub your eyes and wake yourself up. We’ll probably have to stop swaddling you soon and that is going to be tough!

Isla 4 Months 069

You started daycare this month and you love it which makes things much easier on mommy and daddy. All the kids are older than you and you just love watching them play all day. A nice woman name Carolyn watches you and also agrees that you are an easy baby. You are so tired when you come home from daycare and often snooze on me. I just love those moments since I missed you terribly all day.

Isla 4 Months 063

You have your 4 month checkup on Tuesday. I can’t wait to find out how much you weigh! I think you are still pretty tiny. Many of your 0-3 month outfits still fit, though you are mostly wearing 3-6 months now.

Isla 4 Months 051

Right now you have your first cold. It breaks mommy and daddy’s hearts to hear your sniffles. You are in good spirits, but wake up crying at night when you can’t breathe. We love the nose frida for siphoning your boogers. It helps so much but you hate it.

Isla 4 Months 010
Gooey sick eyes

This has been a really tough winter since it has been so cold. We have wanted to take you out for walks but it has been frigid. We can’t wait until it is warm and we can start doing things outside. You love facing out in the front carrier and walking around the house so I think we will have lots of fun with that soon!

Isla 4 Months 044

When you fall asleep while I am rocking you, I find it so hard to put you down. I know these moments are fleeting with you so small and sometimes it brings a tear to my eye.

Isla 4 Months 035

Thank you for another month of pure joy sweet baby girl!


Isla Mary: Three Months

Isla 3 Months 048

Dear Isla,

Another month went by too quickly! I can’t believe how much you changed from week to week this month. You stay awake for so much more of the day now. When you are awake, you are so alert and observant. You just love to look and smile at your toys. Your favorite are your hanging monkey and duck. You also love your doll. When you aren’t looking at your toys, you are content to look at mommy and daddy. We noticed this past week that you are so aware of us. When we have guests and someone other than one of us is holding you, you just stare at mommy or daddy.

Isla 3 Months 027

You are so smiley now! You give us huge smiles when we move your legs in a kicking motion. You also LOVE the ABC’s. We get some of your biggest smiles and loudest coos when we sing that. You also try to move your mouth in a way that makes us think that you are trying to mimic us.

Isla 3 Months 039 Isla 3 Months 042

You found your right hand last week and started bringing it to your mouth and sucking on it. Once you discovered this new trick, you decided it is one of your favorite things to do! We wonder if you will be a thumb sucker like both of your parents were.

Isla 3 Months 049 Isla 3 Months 070

We still don’t have much of a schedule. You are still eating every 2-3 hours during the day – but going 10 hours without eating a night. Speaking of night – you are sleeping in your crib now! It was a very easy transition and you were not bothered by the change at all. Mommy on the other hand cried herself to sleep the first night.

Isla 3 Months 076

You refuse to nap anywhere but in someone’s arms or in your car seat if we are out and about. If I try to put you in your crib, bouncy seat or lounger to sleep, you wake up immediately or 20 minutes later. You need a 3 hour nap at some point during the day so you typically nap on mommy. That might be a tough habit to kick when you are in daycare. Right now all I can do is snuggle with you and love every minute of it.

Isla 3 Months 089 Isla 3 Months 092

This is the last week of my maternity leave. I’m going to miss spending every minute with you when I go back to work. I think my heart will physically ache when I am away from you all day. These past few months have been such a joy and I have loved every minute of it! We will just have to make the most of our evenings and weekends. When things get busy during the week, Mommy promises to do her best to embrace this poem:

“Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow,

for babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow.

So settle down cobwebs.

Dust go to seep.

I’m rocking my baby,

and babies don’t keep.”

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Isla Mary: Two Months

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Dear Isla,

Today you are two months old. I think month two went by even faster than your first month! It is amazing how much you are growing and changing from week to week. You hit some big milestones this month! You started smiling which just melts my heart. You are especially smiley when you first wake up in the morning. Your favorite thing to look at is your reflection on your play gym. In fact, I wish you found mommy and daddy as hilarious as you find yourself. When you are laying there looking in the mirror, you get very excited and start kicking your legs and waving your arms.

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While on your playmat doing tummy time on Sunday, Dec 22, you rolled over for the first time! You were not a huge fan of tummy time that morning so you just turned yourself over. Then you did it again! You have done it a few times since. I’m happy that you can’t roll over from your back just yet though since that would mean that we can’t swaddle you anymore. I’m not ready for that yet! We have found that you tolerate tummy time a bit better when we put  pillow under your armpits or when you are on daddy or my chest. It is amazing how much you hold that little head up now when we are holding you.

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We decided to introduce the bottle this month and like everything else, you adjusted so well. We had a whole master plan of different tricks to try but you took the bottle with no problems at all! You are such an easy baby so far and just a joy to take care of. I’m so glad that daddy can feed you now too.

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You continue to be a good sleeper. We have a loose schedule. You are still sleeping in the co-sleeper but we try to put you to bed in your crib so we can start that transition in a few weeks. I’m not ready for that yet either! You are amazing though – we just swaddle you, give you a pacifier and you can fall asleep on your own.  You typically “go to bed” between 9 and 11 each night and sleep for 6 hours before waking up for a quick feeding and then you sleep another 3 hours. A few times in the past week you slept for 7+ hours and I had to wake you to feed you. After being very alert for an hour and a half in the morning, you usually go back down for a 30-45 min nap. You don’t nap very long during the day unless you are snuggled up on someone or on the go in your car seat. You definitely need a nice three hour nap in the early afternoon so we need to figure out how to make that happen in your crib.

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We started cloth diapering this past month now that your bum has grown a bit. We love the cloth diapers! They are so cute and now you don’t get diaper rash anymore. We have to wash the diapers every other day – but it is not too bad.

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Probably one of our favorite adorable things you started doing this month is your aborted sneezes. You sneeze a lot but sometimes you gear up to sneeze and realize that you don’t have to but you still make a little yell/sneeze sound. We can’t stop laughing at that!

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On January 7th we have your 2 month checkup. I can’t wait to find out how much you weigh! My guess is over 11 pounds. You will also receive your vaccinations. Thank you for another amazing month sweet baby girl! I can’t wait to see what the next month brings but I hope it goes a bit slower since it is my last month of maternity leave.

Love, Momma