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One Month!

Dear Isla,

How are you a month old already? The past month flew by. It seems like yesterday we brought you home from the hospital and you are changing so much already!

You are the sweetest baby ever. I know you are still a little sleepy newborn, but you rarely cry or fuss. Even when you were sick with your first cold, you never complained about it. Right now, you only fuss if you are hungry or cold and sometimes if you have a bit of gas.

One Month OLD 006 One Month OLD 009 

You let your mommy and daddy get so much sleep! We are crossing our fingers that your good sleep schedule continues. We usually go to bed between 9 and 11 and you wake twice at night. Once around 2-3 and again around 6-7. Then you are back down until 9 or 10. Mommy tries to take advantage of those long stretches so that she is ready for each day! We will need to work on shifting that forward a few hours, but for now we will take it!

One Month OLD 011 One Month OLD 014

For a few hours a day you are awake in a quiet alert state and are content to just look around the room or at our faces. While you do this, you make some really cute facial expressions. You are also starting to track our faces and toys that we hold in front of your face. Sometimes you are very happy to just lay on your playmat and look in the mirror.

One Month OLD 021 One Month OLD 026

You love to be held during the day. My favorite time is in the late afternoon when you nap on my chest. You snuggle right in after a feeding and I usually let you just nap there for a few hours. At this point I am happy to let my to do list go and to just soak in these lazy days home with you. Thankfully you sleep through all my kisses. Your cheeks are just so kissable!

One Month OLD 030 One Month OLD 034

I’m so excited that you love the front carrier so much! Baby wearing is so cozy and also very convenient. I wish that you had been born in the spring or summer so that we could get out and walk around a but more since you love the carrier so much. We will try to take advantage of the warmer winter days though.

One Month OLD 037 One Month OLD 038


Daddy also can’t get enough of you. Some of his favorite things are your sneezes, stretches and yawns. You love to put your hands over your head in a big stretch when you are waking up. It cracks us up when you  start tooting as you stretch. We have learned to wait a few minutes to change you so you can get all those toots out.

On that note, we can always count on a poopy diaper for every change. You also keep us on our feet when we change you because we need to be prepared to catch your inevitable pee as soon as we open the diaper. We have gone through many outfit and changing pad cover changes throughout the day as a result!

One Month OLD 039 One Month OLD 040


It is such a blessing to watch you grow. I knew I would love being your mommy, but I can’t think of the words to express how much I really do now that you are here.

We can’t wait to see what the next month has in store!