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Christmas Funtimes!

We’ve just completed a magical Christmas season here in Mansfield – below is a laughably large dump of photos from all of our fun activities!

Christmas Tree!

Unfortunately our traditional spot for finding a Christmas tree was sold out in the first weekend this year – so we had to adjust and find a new place to cut down our holiday centerpiece. It worked out well in the end!

Sleigh buddies

Keeping a sharp eye out for the perfect tree

more her size …
We found it!
Up to the task?

Photo bombed

Nunu silly face!


Santa Visits!

We had three  separate fun visits with Santa this year- Isla was a bit tentative at first but  she warmed up, eventually giving high fives and asking for special toys for Christmas. Sonora had a rough year with the big man 🙂

Sonora was a bit too thrashy for this shot

Breakfast With Santa

We went to breakfast with Santa in Cumberland  thanks to our inside connections (thanks Uncle Matt and Auntie Cakes!) – the girls had fun seeing Santa arrive of the firetruck and Isla sat on his lap to request more presents.  Cousin Brennan was there to help the girls be brave!

Getting excited


Sonora, still a bit skeptical
Successful lap sitting!

Auntie Cakes and her loving nieces

Isla wanted to play Santa when we got home- everyone sat in her lap to ask for presents!

Even Ripley got a turn!



La Salette lights

The  Tuesday before Christmas we went over to La Salette shrine to see their holiday lights – it was very busy but the girls loved the spectacle!  Next year we’ll try to go a bit earlier in the season to beat some of the crowds.

Checking out the pretend reindeer!
Roaming gnome
This girl loves her reindeer

Sonora silhouette

Juuust missed the sister smiles-camera was too slow in the low light


Christmas Gatherings!

We had a nice three-day  Christmas celebration this year- we hosted the Woulfe Clan on Saturday the 23rd, went to Great Papa’s house for Christmas Eve and hosted a nice mix of Woulfe/Sette/Deroche/Printer family on Christmas day. Truly a lovely season, we have so many reasons to be happy.

>Woulfe Gathering

Hugs for Cookie, who is visiting from Miss Kim’s preschool class for the week!

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, Rhys

A nice effort by Uncle Dana

Sonora loving her new baby doll (she hasn’t stopped doting on her since)

Papa with the grandkids – pretty special!

> Christmas Day

Two cuties sharing Santa’s new doll bunk bed – not rated for toddlers, but it held up nicely!
Merry Christmas from Mimi, Papa and Shep!!

Isla and her great-gramma 

Papi reading Santa’s letter for Isla
Dancing tandem on a new dance mat

Future ski bum

Manning the cash register at the new store!

Happy parents!

The end of a long, fun day – Isla passed out on the couch getting hugs from her sister.


Random Shots

A mix of fun pictures that didn’t fit in the main categories. We’ve got a good looking family!!

What a pout!

Future prom queen

Resident artist talent

Caught in the act! Such a little climber.

Santa is watching you

First Day of Preschool

Dear Isla,

Last Friday, September 8th, you had your first day of preschool! Here are a few of your favorite things:

  • Favorite color: Purple
  • Favorite food: Mac n’ cheese
  • Favorite treat: M&M’s
  • Favorite toy: “Money” …but mom thinks it is her pink Cozy Coup
  • Favorite tv show: Peppa Pig
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? “I want to work”

You were nervous when we dropped you off and there were some tears but you bravely said goodbye to Mommy and Daddy and went in willingly with your teacher. We were so proud watching you go! We were sad to see you crying but we knew you would stop as soon as you got inside. When we picked you up, you seemed stunned. You did not say much to us at all on our way up to New Hampshire fir our weekend away. It turns out that you were processing what happened all day because at night you made us, Nunu, Gigi, and Poppi all line up and get in a circle.

We couldn’t believe how much you learned already on your first day. You don’t tell us exactly what went on during your day, but you certainly demonstrate it in other ways. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you can can’t wait to watch how you grow this year!

Ocean Park

The first week in August was spent with Mimi, Papa and the rest of the Woulfe clan in Ocean Park, ME. Some highlights were: perfect weather, magical time spent running with cousins on the beach, early bird Sonora getting mommy up for a trip to Holy Donuts and daddy up for a sunrise on the beach, a hike in Scarborough that we did on our baby moon four years ago.