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One Day More

This past weekend, Erik and I spent a lot of time together just the two of us. Here are some final bump shots from a walk we took around the pond near our house.

20131026_123747_Richtone(HDR)  20131026_123719_Richtone(HDR)


I really can’t believe that we will finally be holding our daughter in our arms in about 24 hours. Words can’t describe how thrilled I am to finally meet her and to become a family of three. I have been blessed with the most supportive and loving husband and I can’t wait to watch him become a father.

Our little lady is breech so she will be arriving via c-section tomorrow. It is a bit surreal to sit here and think about how much will change in the next day. I’m so anxious, excited and nervous but overall excited! I was disappointed to learn that I needed a c-section because I want to experience labor and delivery, but I know it is the safest way for our little lady to come out. In the end, I am just praying for a healthy little girl, so it doesn’t matter how she gets here. Her birth story will still be incredible.

The day is particularly special for us because of the fairly long  journey we had conceiving. I think because of that, I feel doubly blessed. As I have opened up about this struggle, I have learned how common our story is. I felt the need to mention what we went through to get to this point. One year ago from early November, we had been trying to conceive for 2 years and had 3 failed Clomid (oral fertility medication) and 2 failed IUI (intrauterine insemination) attempts. Our 3rd IUI attempt was cancelled due to cysts which ended up being a devastating time for me. We were starting to move on to IVF (in vitro fertilization) which would not happen until after Christmas, so we were moving into yet another holiday season without the one thing we wanted most. We are so lucky to have such supportive families, but it was very easy at this time last year to retreat within ourselves and wallow a bit in the sorrow. I always felt such guilt because I know that there are so many worse situations, but that didn’t make our situation any easier to handle.

On March 1st, we learned that our first IVF attempt had worked. Our perfect little embryo had implanted. That will always be one of the happiest days of my life. I remember when I was calling Erik to tell him the good news, I could barely speak because I was overcome with emotion. He was a bit nervous when he heard my voice, but thankfully I was able to tell him that finally I had happy tears!

Here is our little baby back when she was only an embryo. I’m so thankful this little bean decided to stick.


This time last year was one of the more difficult times in my life and now we are about to experience such joy. I can’t wait to meet our little miracle baby and introduce her to all the wonderful people in our lives. Thank you all for your support over the past few years and your kind words and excitement over the last few days! Our next post will announce the new arrival!

“Some kind of miracle passed on our heads” – Vienna Teng, Erics’s Song

Apple Picking

This past Saturday, Erik and I went apple picking with my parents, sister, Mikayla, brother-in-law, Matt, and my nephews, Brady and Brennan at Barden’s Family Orchard  in North Scituate, RI. We have been coming here since 1987 but had not been as a family in years. We missed my sister, Hannah, very much! The day would have been much more complete if she had been with us.

It was a perfect fall day even though it was slightly overcast. We picked 2 pecks of apples – a mixture of Macs and Empire. We also bought some deeeeelish apple cider donuts. Yum!

I found myself daydreaming about next year when BWou will join us. She will be almost 1. I’m sure there will be several pumpkin patch pictures to post next year!

All in all, it was a fun family day and I hope to continue this tradition. Here are some highlights.

The Sette Family


That is one large bump! The camera definitely adds a few pounds. It does not look THAT huge in person. I’m just a few days shy of full-term (37 weeks) in these pictures. I especially enjoy Erik’s sympathy pumpkin bump.

1384012_10201483804672160_1015341914_n 1376362_10201483806232199_1855349792_n

Our adorable nephews, Brady and Brennan. They are going to be awesome big cousins!


My favorite shot of the day. Brady came over and hugged the baby. My sister caught the moment perfectly.


Work Baby Shower

Last week my coworkers threw a baby shower for me. Once again, I was so touched by how many amazing people I have in my life. I can’t say enough how lucky I am to work with such a hard-working, dedicated and fun bunch as the folks at the Center for Connected Health. I’ve been with the Center for over 5 years now and I think the time has flown by so quickly because of this awesome group of people. Between the ages of 24 and 30, a lot of growing up happens. I’ve reached several life milestones while at CCH – engagement, marriage, home-buying and now having a baby. I continue to work in such a nurturing and supportive environment and I get to work on some pretty cool projects to boot!

I have to thank a few people for putting this all together and I have some pictures to share as well.

My friend, Jen, was the head party-planner for this one and boy does she throw a good one! She really went above and beyond. This was definitely Pinterest-worthy. The theme was lady bugs. So cute! Jen thought of so many details, I could not believe how cute our conference room looked. She made some of my favorite cupcakes as well! Boxed lemon cupcakes are a guilty pleasure of mine, so she made some of those with white frosting. I ate two of them on the spot and had another the next day, yum. Check out some of these lady bug details – I loved all the clothes hanging up! Jen was the one who coined the bambina’s womb-name, BWou, for Baby Woulfe since we are keeping the real one a secret. Check out the cinch bag she ordered 🙂 I also have to throw a shout-out to Jen’s mom who made the table runner. She is very talented! We will be able to use that for many work parties. Jen’s mom also made the ladybug bibs. Huge thanks to Jen and her mom!

photo_14 photo_1 photo_3 photo_4

Regina made an addictive dip and the amazing baby carriage fruit salad. I can’t imagine how long it took her to chop everything and arrange the fruit. It was perfect! Regina also provided the green paper lanterns. The funny story about the lanterns is that they were featured at her daughter’s wedding 3 years ago. I had borrowed them for my wedding a few months later and they made a comeback at the baby shower. So thoughtful! Regina also gave me the most utterly marvelous gift 😉

photo photo_2


Carrie made the very tasty lady-bug chocolate pops. Thank you Carrie! I think I had two of them and wish I still had one around.


photo (2)

Thanks to all the men who showed up! I’m sure you loved oohing and aahing over all the adorable baby clothes.

photo_8 photo_7 photo_9

Here’s a shot of some of the sistahs, some current and a few alums showed up as well!


Thank you all for your generosity and such a lovely baby shower. I can’t wait to bring in BWou to meet you all in a few short weeks!

Baby Shower

Saturday was my baby shower thrown by my amazing mother and mother-in-law. My sister, sister-in-laws and Auntie Nancy contributed to so many details – I was so touched by the work that everyone put into it. I realized how lucky I am to have so many amazing women in my life – from my aunts, to my extended family, to Erik’s family members, to the families I used to babysit for, to my mom’s friends, to old friends, to high school friends, to Boston friends I have made through Erik and coworkers and old and new. It is hard to put into words how awesome it is to have all of those women in one place at the same time. Just like I felt at my wedding, I wish I had more time to spend with everyone! When the little one arrives, I can’t wait to introduce her to everyone. It was quite clear that she is already so loved!

Some special shout-outs:

– To my mom, Mary and mother-in-law, Linda for planning the venue, the food and putting together some fun pictures of Erik and I when we were young

– To my sister who provided the decorations and baby predictions cards. I can’t wait to read those when the baby arrives to see who guessed right!

– To my sister-in-law, Kristen, for baking all of the cookies for favors. YUM as usual.

– To my sister-in-law, Elle, for making the crayon tags on the favors.

– To my Auntie Nancy for the gorgeous centerpieces. She was so thoughtful to include some of the flowers from my wedding centerpieces that she also created.

– I also have to thank my father-in-law, Howie and Gail and my dad for helping to load the cars and unload at our house.

– A big thank you to all who traveled so far to be there – I’m talking to you Lindsay, Allison and Jen!

I also received quite a few homemade gifts, all of which were so beautiful and touching. It is amazing how much love was put into these.

– My grandma made me a Raggedy Anne doll. Not only was it such a great surprise, but I am so impressed with the work that she did and it must have taken so much time and attention to detail. I hope to get a little rocking chair soon for the nursery to display her on. This will always be such a special doll for our little girl, made by her great-grandma.

– Erik’s Aunt Karen made us an adorable hat, booties, a yellow fleece sleep sack and bibs. I can’t wait to see the hat on the baby – I love the rosette.

– My friend Caroline crocheted a beautiful baby blanket – the color is amazing!

– My aunt Rosamund also crocheted a beautiful baby blanket. I don’t think she knew it, but the colors match our nursery perfectly.

– Kathleen Rein, my cousin’s girlfriend’s mother, made some fleece farm-themed changing pad covers and the softest baby quilt. It adds the perfect pops of pink to our nursery to make it girly!

I spent Sunday organizing and now the father-to-be has a pile of baby gear to put together. Little by little we are getting more ready for our special arrival.

Here are some highlights from the day:

baby shower 004 baby shower 018 baby shower 031 baby shower 051 baby shower 056 baby shower 063 baby shower 070 baby shower 077 baby shower 112 baby shower 121 baby shower 130 baby shower 138

And here are some pictures of the nursery now that it is more full with decorations. I really need to learn how to use Erik’s camera if I am going to take more pictures for this blog. The lighting may need to be adjusted for a future post because the colors are all off. Mental note to do that on my maternity leave.

We have a bookcase that my in-laws brought up that we (Erik) will refinish by painting it mustard yellow to help us organize books and toys. Hopefully I can figure out the lighting by the time that is done.

Post party nursery 001 Post party nursery 002 Post party nursery 003 Post party nursery 004


Bump Shots!

2 posts today!

We have been so bad about taking shots of my belly. Maybe we will do better for baby #2 – you would think it would be the opposite though. I’ll try to take a few more in these final 10 weeks. We went to Jerrick and Dawn’s wedding this weekend and the lake provided a lovely backdrop for some belly silhouettes.



I’m so glad that Erik cropped out my swollen feet. They were so bad that I could only wear my black plastic Old Navy flipflops!




Not our best selfie, but I had to include a picture of the dad-to-be.



BWou’s Room – Update

“BWou” = Baby Woulfe

My father-in-law reminded us that we have been poor with the blog updates and he has been waiting for updated nursery pictures. I’ve been meaning to post the updates, so here you go! We’ve done about as much as we can for now until we have a bit more furniture and can decide where to hang the artwork.

Here’s the crib – all set up! It still blows my mind that we have a crib. I can’t stop looking at it and imaging the little lassie all snuggly and sleeping. Don’t freak out – those pillows will not be in the crib when she is. Those are for the glider rocker. I love how girly the ruffled crib skirt is.

Room Pics 006


Here is some of the artwork that we have. I fell in love with those prints on Etsy. The shop has some of the cutest stuff.

Room Pics 002


The curtains match the crib skirt and they are black-out which is nice for bright days. They look a little funny right now but I fixed them after Erik took the picture. I am also digging the yellow hold-backs which were also found on Etsy.


Room Pics 004


I love some of the modern elements, but I also love antique pieces. This was my bureau for the past several years. My mom was kind enough to give it to me. It also has a beautiful mirror that attaches to the top, but I removed it for now because I would like to have it restored and wanted more room to use the bureau as a changing table as well. We will hang that mirror so that BWou can make faces at herself while being changed along with some of the artwork.


Room Pics 005


And a final shot of the room – Erik wanted the shot from the perspective of a wee person. I love how the white crib looks with the wood of the changing table/dresser.

Room Pics 009