Adalie Celeste: Two Months

Dear Adalie,

I’m fairly certain the past two months flew by faster than they did with your sisters! We are so busy all the time merely because your sisters are at such a busy active stage. I treasure our quiet moments together when we can snuggle and you nurse. I’ve even enjoyed our middle of the night feedings when we catch some time just you and I since you must share my attention so much.

You love to eat and are growing so much. You weigh 12.5 pounds. As much as you love to eat, you are quite kind to your mama and try to do all of your eating during the day. You are sleeping very well! You typically go to bed between 8:30 and 10 and then sleep until 3 or 4. After a quick feeding you are back to sleep again. Often you are a bit restless for the second stretch, but you usually figure out how to put yourself back to sleep and tend to stay asleep for another 1.5-3 hours. Mommy is getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night and that is great! I know all of that can change with a sleep regression but for now we are enjoying this.

When you are awake you are a very happy baby. You are so much more aware of everything going on now and just like to observe. You very rarely fuss and if you do, you are either hungry or want your pacifier. Big sister Isla is very good at giving you your pacifier when you need it.

You had your first family vacation this month. You were the best little traveler and totally went with the flow.

You really started smiling this month! It totally melts mommy’s heart when you give me a huge smile. The other person you really smile for is for Isla. It is so sweet to watch you both interact. I think you brace yourself when Sonora comes your way because she is still working on being gentle.

On your 2-month birthday, you also giggled for Mommy! It was such a sweet sound and I can’t wait to hear more giggles!

I just love being your mama sweet girl. Thank you for choosing me!

Adalie Celeste: One Month

Dear Adalie,

Hurray! You are one month old today! You have been such a sweet and easy baby so far. You rarely fuss – only when you want to nurse or be held. Both of which, you love. For being so young, you are sleeping decently and falling into a lose schedule as you spend more time being awake each day. At night, I usually get a 3.5-4 hour stretch of sleep followed by 2.5-3 more hours. That feels luxurious after the first few weeks of hourly wakeups.

I didn’t think nursing was going particularly well at the beginning because your latch was a bit lazy. You’ve definitely gotten better and you are gaining weight so I think it is working itself out. I’d say breastfeeding was the hardest at the beginning this time around but I’m so lucky that we haven’t had any major issues.

Your sisters absolutely adore you and want to hold you all the time. Isla has especially been such a sweet big sister. When you are hanging out on your boppy pillow, Isla loves to stare at you and talk to you. You just stare back and seem very content. Sonora has had a tougher adjustment and likes to test momma by acting out when I am nursing you. Hopefully that will get better in the next few weeks. Just so we can look back and remember, and just like when Sonora came home from the hospital, Isla got very scared walking down the stairs and needs someone to hold her hand. I do hope that passes soon as well.

Being a third time Mom is so nice because I feel a bit less worried all the time. It is tough because I know you are my last baby and I just want to bottle up every moment and sit here staring at you. You are already getting so big and your infancy and life in general seem to be racing faster than I want it to. With your two big sisters, I also don’t have the time to just sit here and stare at you. When I’ve become emotional during this postpartum period, it’s because time is so very fleeting…

Your Great Nana on Mommy’s side of the family made the blanket in the photo. Auntie Barbara found it while she was cleaning out Nana and Papa’s house to sell it. It was perfectly preserved in a bag after 17 years and still in the process of being made. I’m so happy we have this connection to the past to add to your monthly photos. I’d like to think that she was making it for you.

Thank you for choosing us to be your family sweet girl! Your second month will bring more family adventures and your first vacation to Ocean Park. Daddy goes back to work tomorrow – we are all sad about that and will need to find yet another new groove. It was so special having him home with us for so long.

Love, Momma

Week in Review

Family outing to the children’s museum in Providence was a success!

Meeting Great Grandma

Who wore it best? Sonora above, Adalie below.

New tree swing is finally up!

Birthday treats

Small Singers and Shakers drop in session. Fun way to spend Sonora’s second birthday!

Planting at the Roland Green spring party

Isla fully supports breastfeeding. If she is home and I am feeding the baby, this is where you will find her.

Daily adventures from the newly expanding Woulfe Pack.