Adalie Celeste: One Month

Dear Adalie,

Hurray! You are one month old today! You have been such a sweet and easy baby so far. You rarely fuss – only when you want to nurse or be held. Both of which, you love. For being so young, you are sleeping decently and falling into a lose schedule as you spend more time being awake each day. At night, I usually get a 3.5-4 hour stretch of sleep followed by 2.5-3 more hours. That feels luxurious after the first few weeks of hourly wakeups.

I didn’t think nursing was going particularly well at the beginning because your latch was a bit lazy. You’ve definitely gotten better and you are gaining weight so I think it is working itself out. I’d say breastfeeding was the hardest at the beginning this time around but I’m so lucky that we haven’t had any major issues.

Your sisters absolutely adore you and want to hold you all the time. Isla has especially been such a sweet big sister. When you are hanging out on your boppy pillow, Isla loves to stare at you and talk to you. You just stare back and seem very content. Sonora has had a tougher adjustment and likes to test momma by acting out when I am nursing you. Hopefully that will get better in the next few weeks. Just so we can look back and remember, and just like when Sonora came home from the hospital, Isla got very scared walking down the stairs and needs someone to hold her hand. I do hope that passes soon as well.

Being a third time Mom is so nice because I feel a bit less worried all the time. It is tough because I know you are my last baby and I just want to bottle up every moment and sit here staring at you. You are already getting so big and your infancy and life in general seem to be racing faster than I want it to. With your two big sisters, I also don’t have the time to just sit here and stare at you. When I’ve become emotional during this postpartum period, it’s because time is so very fleeting…

Your Great Nana on Mommy’s side of the family made the blanket in the photo. Auntie Barbara found it while she was cleaning out Nana and Papa’s house to sell it. It was perfectly preserved in a bag after 17 years and still in the process of being made. I’m so happy we have this connection to the past to add to your monthly photos. I’d like to think that she was making it for you.

Thank you for choosing us to be your family sweet girl! Your second month will bring more family adventures and your first vacation to Ocean Park. Daddy goes back to work tomorrow – we are all sad about that and will need to find yet another new groove. It was so special having him home with us for so long.

Love, Momma

Week in Review

Family outing to the children’s museum in Providence was a success!

Meeting Great Grandma

Who wore it best? Sonora above, Adalie below.

New tree swing is finally up!

Birthday treats

Small Singers and Shakers drop in session. Fun way to spend Sonora’s second birthday!

Planting at the Roland Green spring party

Isla fully supports breastfeeding. If she is home and I am feeding the baby, this is where you will find her.

Adalie Celeste: Birth Story

Dear Adalie,

It seemed that the month of May went on forever as we anticipated your arrival. Now you have been here a week and already I’ve memorized all your tiny features and grew more space in my heart to hold you.

After several attempts at sweeping my membranes and lots of Braxton Hicks and knowing that I have never gone into labor on my own, we decided to move forward with an induction that was scheduled for a week after your due date, June 1st (Auntie Jane’s birthday). You were due May 25th. Auntie Mikayla was going to join mommy and daddy in the delivery room.

The day before you were born we spent some extra time with your sisters and took them to Orange Leaf and Memorial Park and then had takeout from Bertucci’s. It was fun to celebrate our last day as a family of four and talk about how much we couldn’t wait to meet you.

The next day, June 1st, we woke up and didn’t know what time we were going in for our induction. So mommy brought Isla to school and then we came home and played with Sonora for a bit. A little before 10:00, I got a call from Women and Infants Hospital saying that we should come in as soon as possible. At that moment it started to feel very real that you were coming soon. It all still feels like a dream to me.

Mommy and daddy drove to the hospital and Auntie Mikayla met us there. We checked in and had to wait a few minutes and then we were brought upstairs to the delivery room. We were in room 18 and met our very nice nurse, Elizabeth. We were all a little giggly and having fun. We all got a really good laugh when the nurse told me that I needed to wear a fall risk bracelet because of my fall a few weeks prior.

Mommy met the Midwife who was on that day and we went over the induction plan. The Midwife was Cindy Siegal. The plan was to start pitocin and for them to dial it up by two units every 20 minutes or so until I had a contraction pattern that looked like labor. At 12:20 we started the pitocin.

After that, we just walked around for a while to see if that would help get things going. I definitely started feeling contractions at some point but they were still not very strong. Every so often the nurse would turn up the pitocin. We went back to the room and I sat on the ball for a bit and then started to get tired. I moved to the bed and stayed there for about an hour and shut my eyes to try and rest up while I could.

At some point the contractions picked up so I went back to the ball. We started playing Rummy 500 for a distraction. As the contractions got stronger, mommy stopped being able to play the game so it became a strong competition between Daddy and Auntie Mikayla.

Auntie had to leave for Brennan’s school play around 5:30. He was a rhinoceros in The Lion King. Sisters were going to be at the show. Auntie was nervous that she’d leave and you would be born but at that point I stopped feeling contractions again so I wasn’t too worried. Everyone told me this time was going to go very fast but I didn’t believe them since Sonora’s induction took so long.

We walked around a bit more and the contractions stopped. Daddy and I had fun imagining what you would be like and how our family of 5 would be. Since I had not been checked for dilation since my appointment a few days before, the nurse finally asked the Midwife to check me. We were all a bit discouraged to hear that I was 4 centimeters dilated and 75% effaced. It was Friday and I had been on the pitocin for 6 hours. On Tuesday I was 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced so not much had happened. I was probably the least surprised of all. My Midwife decided to break my water right then. This was at 6:45 p.m.

Midwife Cindy after breaking my water

Soon after that things really picked up and intensified. I started having pretty bad back labor. I also had back labor with Sonora but this time was even worse because I had a lot of SI joint issues to begin with. We still walked the halls and every minute I’d stop wherever I was and bend over and Erik would apply counter pressure to my back. This was manageable until about 8 p.m. I wanted to go as far as I could so I kept trying to manage and my goal was to make the epidural decision when my sister arrived at 9. By 8:35, the pain was so bad I just couldn’t think anymore and asked for the epidural. I recall the placement of the epidural being so hard last time that I thought I would prefer to endure contractions than go through that again. A student had placed my epidural though and this time it was the anesthesiologist.

I was shocked how quickly they got me ready and then how quickly the anesthesiologist started the epidural. I thankfully had a 1 1/2 minute break in contractions while she was inserting it. She was so fast and it started working immediately except for my lower left side. I was still in quite a lot of pain until we finally worked the medicine into that area by having me lay on my side.

They told me to let them know when I was feeling pressure. About a half hour later I felt some pressure but the epidural was so strong I wasn’t sure. The epidural went in around 9. While I rested a bit, auntie and daddy played cards to finish up their game. Then we put some quiet music on and all shut our eyes for a bit. I figured we were in for a long night and that you wouldn’t be born until the morning.

At 11:30, Cindy came in and wanted to check me. We were all a bit groggy and incredibly surprised when she said that I was fully dilated and your head was right there and that you would probably be born in the next 10 minutes. She had me do a practice push and your head really started coming out! Then all the things started happening. They called for a baby nurse and started getting all of the equipment ready. Then we had to wait for an OB to arrive. Cindy was back from a year of delivering babies in Haiti and I was one of her first 10 births since coming back. Even though she had delivered over 2,000 babies and most of them at Women and Infants, she needed an OB to supervise for 10 births. After we waited for a few minutes, she said I could just push on the next contraction and that the OB would be there soon.

So I started to push. After two contractions your head was out. I even reached down and felt it this time. On the last contraction she had me push a little bit and then you slowly slid out. She placed you on my belly and we met for the first time. You are so perfect and adorable. I wanted to bring you up to my chest so I could get a better look at you, but the cord was too short. We waited for a bit until it started pulsating and then Daddy cut the cord.

We all just stared at you for awhile and then you latched on and started nursing well right away. You pretty much stayed there nursing for an hour. Then it was time to weigh you. Your stats were 7 lbs, 14 ozs, 20 inches long. Apgars were 8/9. After that, daddy held you for the first time. We ended up staying a few more hours and delivery room because my right leg was still really numb from the epidural and I couldn’t move it. At 3:30 we finally went to our room, 6007.

And with that, a time for giving birth has ended for your momma. I use those words because soon after we found out you were on your way, great Papa passed away. We were still keeping you a secret from the family but I told Papa while he was unconscious and I’d like to think he heard the news. Auntie Barbara gave me a reading for the funeral, Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3 which is where those words come from. I didn’t think I’d make it past that line without crying knowing our secret. In fact, your middle name is after Papa’s mother, Celestina.

You are just the sweetest baby. I can’t wait to watch your relationships with your sisters through the years and to see where this life as a family of five takes us!



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